Customer Feedback Goes Online

Online customer reviews

The Web is not only a powerful tool consumers use to find and research local businesses online. New research shows that more and more consumers prefer to share their feedback about a company online as well. In fact, a new report showed that across all age brackets, consumers would prefer to email feedback to a company they’ve done business with rather than call them on the phone. And, consumers among various age groups are using social media platforms to provide feedback to a company as well.

Overall, the report found that customers of a business contacted or provided feedback to a company via:

  • Email – 75%
  • Call – 66%
  • Facebook – 29%
  • Twitter – 8%
  • Google+ – 8%
  • LinkedIn – 6%

The study also found that for those ages 18-24, email was the top choice for providing feedback (39%), followed by Facebook (28%), and then a call (23%). On the other end of the age bracket, those ages 65+ favored email (52%) and a call (36%).

When it comes to customer service and your local business, it’s critical to know the role that the Web plays in understanding the wants and needs of your customers. It’s also important to have a plan in place to monitor, gather, and respond to feedback you receive online – whether positive or negative. Whether or not you respond to an issue or complaint – and how quickly you address the issue – could mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost one.

Do your customers share feedback with your business via email, or do they use other methods? Are you regularly monitoring your online presence to make sure you see and respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner? Share your thoughts in a comment!


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