Do I Need a Landing Page for My Online Advertising?

Do I Need a Landing Page for My Online Advertising?

In short, the answer is yes. A landing page is any web page you send consumers to when they click on your online marketing, like your search ads, display ads, or social media marketing posts. But what type of landing page is right for you?

Many experts recommend creating unique landing pages for every type of marketing you are running to increase conversions from your prospects. But for many small businesses, the cost and effort to maintain individual landing pages may not always be feasible. Here are some of the benefits of each option so you can decide what’s right for your business.

Creating Unique Landing Pages

There are many benefits to creating a unique landing page for each of your online marketing efforts. For instance, you can tailor the key message and call to action on the landing page so that it explicitly matches the marketing it’s tied to. For example, if you run advertisements about a special offer, you can create a landing page specifically about that special. This creates a consistent customer experience, which builds trust and entices visitors to convert. And, if you’re running search advertising, having specific landing pages that relate explicitly your search ads can help boost your quality score on the search engines.

Unique landing pages are also ideal for more complex advertising strategies. For example, Unbounce recommends using unique landing pages if you’re running the following types of offers or ads:

  • Segmented promotional offers
  • Multiple products
  • Traffic source segmentation

Having unique landing pages for different types of campaigns or promotions is especially useful for measuring the effectiveness of your ads as well as for A/B testing different offers, messages, calls to action, and other elements of your landing page that you want to track and modify.

Using Your Homepage as a Landing Page

On the other hand, maintaining lots of different landing pages for your various marketing efforts can take time and resources that your small business may not have in abundance. The homepage of your website may already get the majority of your online traffic, so it can be a great way to introduce your business to new prospects who have clicked on your paid ads. And, chances are you have already invested a lot into creating the homepage of your website, whereas you may not have invested much time in creating other pages. Many of the local businesses we work with find that it’s more practical to optimize their homepage for conversions and use it as the landing page for their marketing campaigns than to create independent landing pages.

But, just like a unique landing page, your homepage needs critical elements like a specific message and call to action to convert visitors into leads. So, it’s important to make sure your homepage is optimized for conversions if you choose to use it as a landing page. Doing so can mean a world of difference in your advertising campaigns. In fact, one ReachLocal client found that optimizing their homepage for conversions boosted calls by 67%! (Get the details on this case study in our landing page guide).

Building an Effective Landing Page

No matter which route you choose, there are some important ways to make the most out of your website or unique landing page by optimizing it for conversions. By adding some key landing page components to the pages you are directing Web traffic to through advertising and other online marketing, you can increase conversions from your visitors. Here are three important ideas to consider:

  • A prominent phone number for ease of contact
  • A strong call to action that entices visitors to convert
  • A unique value proposition that communicates your primary benefit

Find out how you can make some of these important landing page updates and get our optimization checklist in our free ebook The Foolproof Guide to An Effective Landing Page.


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