Do You Have a Mobile Website? Why It Matters to Local Business


If you’ve ever conducted a search on your smartphone’s browser or a local app — and we know you have! — then you know how easy it can be. But for the local business that’s not showing up in search results, this technology can be detrimental.

While mobile has become essential to many of our livelihoods, many small businesses haven’t caught on. In fact, a recent website study found that only six percent of SMBs —  yes, you read that right — have mobile websites! For this reason, the importance of a mobile website for local businesses cannot be overestimated.

Is this true for your business? Weigh in in our poll now, and learn why having a mobile site really matters in local search.

Today, Local Consumers Expect a Mobile Site

Today’s consumers are savvy. And, they visit a lot of websites before making a purchase decision. That’s why your website needs to have a modern design and provide a great user experience for visitors to give it the time of day. And now that 88 percent of local searches are performed on smartphones, that design and experience must include mobile to grab the attention of mobile searchers—and get them to take action.

People Rely on Mobile to Look for Local Businesses

Did you know that more than 60 percent of consumers look for local information via mobile? But if your site isn’t built to display on mobile, it may not even show up in the search results. And that means you could be losing out on a lot of traffic to your site.  And, in addition to having a website that’s optimized for mobile, make sure you claim and update your local listings so mobile searchers can find you there, too.

Google Warning May Drive Searchers Away

Now, Google warns mobile searchers if a website they’re about to visit isn’t completely optimized for mobile viewing. Once this warning notifies users they may visit a home page rather than the page they requested, users may choose to visit the website anyway, even if it’s not the page they are looking for. However, it’s probably more likely that the searcher will choose another organic search result to complete their research or purchase. The outcome? You could lose a lot of potential customers from organic search.

Is your website optimized for mobile search? Make sure you vote in our poll and let us know where your site stands!

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