Do You Know Where All Your Marketing Leads Are Coming From?

For most local businesses, your primary goal for your digital marketing campaigns is getting more calls and leads, and hopefully you have a complete paid, organic, and website strategy in place to help you meet that goal. But, do you know exactly where all your marketing leads are coming from and which marketing tactics are delivering actual leads and customers – not just clicks or visits to your site?

With lead analytics software, like ReachEdge™ from ReachLocal, you can finally have the ability to track leads from each source. Plus, we recently added some additional reporting capabilities, which can give you even more insight into what’s working best for your business. Here are a few ways you can track your marketing leads with ReachEdge.

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Top Referring Websites

This report allows you to drill down to see how many leads different specific websites and marketing sources are driving as well as what online properties offer opportunities for more growth.

ReachEdge Report - Top Referring Websites

For example, if you notice that your top traffic referrer to your website is your Facebook page, you can allocate more budget to Facebook advertising and spend more time building up your Facebook page and working to increase engagement through additional posts or contests.

Custom Campaign Tracking

This report gives you the ability to track third-party marketing campaign results down the exact site visit, phone call, or lead level. This provides even more insight into which marketing tactics are working best for your business and allows you to better measure your success.

ReachEdge Report - Custom Campaigns

Let’s say one of your marketing goals is to drive website visits. With this report, you can see which marketing campaign is driving the most visits to your website and focus more budget or effort on that campaign.

Get Insight Into What’s Working

These are just two of the newer features available with ReachEdge’s powerful reporting. This software provides visibility into what’s really working for your business by:

  • Outlining how leads and customers find your business
  • Breaking down the sources of site visits, calls, form fills, and online chats
  • Helping you understand how search, social, direct traffic, and emails drive engagement
  • Tying together analytics with phone, lead, and chat events to give you real lead capture insights

As more and more small businesses invest in advertising and marketing, knowing what’s working is increasingly important. With lead analytics software, you can know what’s actually driving leads for your business and better focus your overall marketing to meet your business goals.

Learn more about how ReachEdge can help you track leads and maximize your marketing on our website.

ReachEdge Lead Analytics Software

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