Does a Dynamic Web Presence Really Matter?

Dynamic Web Presence

In the world of online marketing, it’s often said that a dynamic web presence is key. Essentially, that means that any business with a constant stream of updates across the web will be more visible in more places where consumers are online – and to search engines as well. Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, blogs, and other frequently-updated sites help create this dynamic content, which keep your brand front and center online.

But, how well does a dynamic web presence stack up in Google?

Before Stasco plumbing, a company in Atlanta, Georgia, became a ReachCast client, they had one static website – essentially one way to get found online. Luckily, their unique name meant that their website ranked at the top of the organic search results for their business name.

After they became a ReachCast client, their dedicated Web Presence Professional Germaine Paul began working with Stasco to build their local web presence. Not only did the company gain a consistent presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as their own Cast page, the company’s dynamic web presence – all content that they controlled – also began dominating the first page of the Google search results for their brand name.

“Working with small business owners every day, I’m a firm believer in a dynamic web presence. I’ve seen firsthand how this can help them own their brand in search results,” said Germiane.

Does your business show up at the top of Google when you search for your business name? How many of the first page search results does your business control? Stay in the loop to learn more about building your business’ web presence by subscribing today , or get updates straight to your inbox.

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