Expert Tips: Using Reviews to Improve Your Local SEO

Love them or hate them, online reviews play a huge role in how consumers buy from local business. In fact, nearly 97% of consumers say they read online reviews about local businesses1 and 90% say positive reviews influenced their buying decisions2.

So, how can you manage reviews and ensure your online reputation has a positive impact on your bottom line?

Join Yelp and ReachLocal on August 12, 2015 for an exclusive joint webinar: Navigating the World of Small Business Reviews & How it Affects SEO. During this webinar, Darnell Holloway from Yelp and I will how tell you how directory listings and reviews impact search results and provide local business tips for responding to negative reviews and encouraging more positive reviews. We’ll also give you our expert tips for improving the SEO value of your directory listings.

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 Navigating the World of Small Business Reviews & How it Affects SEO

1BIA Kelsey

2Marketing Land

Jenni Williams

Jenni is a Senior Manager, Content Marketing at ReachLocal with over 11 years experience in digital marketing. Jenni specializes in helping SMBs amplify their marketing efforts online, and her marketing expertise includes social media marketing, online advertising, website content, and promotions. She frequently hosts webinars and has published published multiple blogs on online marketing topics for SMBs.

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