Facebook Deals Launch: A Quick Guide for Local Business Owners

Facebook Deals

Have you heard the buzz? Today, Facebook Deals launches in Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego and Atlanta. This new offering is different than the Facebook Places deals that are integrated into mobile check-ins, which will be renamed Check-In Deals.

Essentially, Facebook Deals will offer users who opt in access to deals in their area. The idea is to integrate a deals platform into the existing Facebook experience, the Wall Street Journal reported. Facebook Deals will focus on social experiences, rather than deep discounts that many similar services such as Groupon and LivingSocial provide. Experts say the targeting and data potential of a deals platform integrated into Facebook may be very appealing to advertisers.

Each deal will get its own page, where users can like, share, or buy the deal with a credit card or Facebook credits. This page will have a deal title, value, and discount listed at the top of the page. It will also display thumbnail images of Facebook friends who have purchased or liked that deal, right under the buy, share, or like buttons, along with a large product or service image to anchor the page and all the deal information and fine print. In addition, the page will allow comments, so advertisers can see what people have to say about a deal and respond on the deal page itself if necessary. Once a user has purchased a deal, they will print out a voucher to redeem their purchase. It also appears that users will be able to purchase deals for their Facebook friends, according to page six of the current Facebook Deals Guide for this limited alpha.

Event Deals will also be available, so advertisers can tie a deal into any Facebook event. For this type of deal, the time and location of the event will be listed at the top of the deal, and the bottom of the deal will integrate an event box listing those who have RSVP’d for the event.

According to the guide, the service will help businesses stand apart from the crowd by offering memorable experiences people can enjoy with family and friends, creating excitement and word-of-mouth for your business and helping build lasting customer relationships. Plus, people who buy deals with a friend will be offered an additional discount. Facebook Deals will use onsite tools to spread information about the deals naturally, run ads, email people about the deals, and drive traffic to business fan pages, the guide notes.

So, how will deals be distributed?
According to Facebook, the following eight distribution methods will help spread the word about Facebook Deals:

  1. The left-hand column of the Home Page will offer quick navigation to deals.
  2. The city deals page will show the deals available within a given area.
  3. Deals will be eligible to appear in sponsored deals units on the right-hand side of the Home Page, showing deals their friends have bought or liked.
  4. Users can send deal messages to friends or share them on their walls.
  5.  When users interact with a deal, news feed stories will share that information with their friends.
  6. Notifications will update users when a friend has purchased or liked a deal they have liked, and when a deal has been purchased for them
  7. Deals may also appear on the right-hand side of other deals in a city.
  8. The site will also email people when their friends buy or like a deal they have liked and offer email updates to users who subscribe.

At ReachLocal, we are excited to be participating in the launch along with other partners, helping our clients purchase Facebook Deals as a part of our entrance into the local deals space.

As a Facebook user, have you opted into Facebook Deals? If so, what do you think so far? If not, are you waiting for it launch in your city? Let us know your thoughts about this new deals development in the comments!

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