Facebook Marketing for Education: Client Case Study

Facebook is an excellent resource for those in the education field to build a community of students and reach prospective new students.

One of our clients, ASC English School, uses Facebook marketing, along with other ReachLocal solutions, to reach international students interested in learning English and provide an online community to enhance current students’ experiences with the school.

With ASC English School, ReachLocal takes a paid + organic approach to Facebook marketing with Facebook advertising through ReachSocial ads and organic page management with our social add-on.

Facebook’s advanced targeting options allow ASC English School to reach new students across the globe with their ads, and organic Facebook page management allows them to engage with students, post about student accomplishments, and get the word out about upcoming events or university partnerships.

And, with ReachLocal’s lead management solution, ReachEdge, ASC English School is able to track leads that come in through their various ReachLocal marketing campaigns and follow up with them quickly, converting more prospects into registered students.

“ReachEdge lets us see who is contacting us because of Facebook, and I can easily categorize those leads so I know who to follow up with, who to send more information to, and who is ready to register now,” said Meredith Robinson, Lead Intake at ASC English School.

The combination of professionally managed advertising and social campaigns along with powerful lead management has made Facebook a cornerstone of ASC English’s marketing strategy that has consistently helped them drive growth, register new students, and build a valuable online community.

In addition to ReachSocial Ads and our social add-on, ASC English School also runs:

Working with ReachLocal has allowed ASC English School to grow substantially over the last four years. Nelson attributes up to one-third of his students registering as a result of his comprehensive digital marketing approach powered by ReachLocal. In fact, they are so successful generating leads with digital marketing, that now one of his employees spends about 60% of her time reaching out to leads that come in from ReachLocal solutions alone.

Read ASC English School’s case study on the ReachLocal website to see their full results, and learn more about how Facebook marketing can work for your business here.

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