Facebook Place Topics: How to Add Your Place Subcategory

Facebook Place Topics Add Subcategory

Facebook recently launched a new feature option for Facebook business pages called “Place Topics.” Place Topics are essentially Facebook page subcategories for your business and will tell people who visit your page more about the types of products and services you offer. This option is not yet available for everyone, but if you do see it when you log on to your page, you can take advantage of this feature to include even more details about your business in a prominent place on your page. Plus, it can help your  business to show under the places page for your city on Facebook for your selected categories.

Here’s how to update your business Place Topics:

1. Log on to Facebook and navigate to your page. Then click on the highlighted “Add Your Place Topics” link above your business info on your business profile page.

2. Start typing in the sub-category that you feel best represents your business. If that business type exists in Facebook, it will auto-fill in the box. For instance, when setting up Place Topics for this page, we started typing “Bridal,” and Facebook auto-selected “Bridal Shop” as the best fit sub-category related to that term. You must select a pre-set subcategory that Facebook has defined in order to save it. You can specify up to three place sub-categories for your business.

3. Now, your business subcategory or subcategories will appear above your business info on in a prominent place on your Facebook page.

When a visitor clicks one of these linked terms, Facebook will open a city page and list all the other businesses in the local area that are tagged with the same sub-category. Note that Facebook Places will only show the city listed in your address, even if your business serves other areas. Here is an example of a city page with local businesses listed, which features a map tagged with Facebook pages.

4. You’ll be able to update your page’s subcategories after you select them. To edit them, go to “Edit Page” and click “Update Info.” This is also where you edit information like your business address, URL, and page category. You’ll now see a field for Place Sub-categories listed there.

Will you be adding your Facebook Place Topic or subcategory? What do you think about this new feature? Let us know in a comment.


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