Facebook SEO: Local Web Presence Optimization Tips


Making sure your local business owns as much shelf space as possible is an important part of web presence optimization. Not only is this an important way to ensure that consumers can discover your brand on sites like Facebook, it’s an important way to generate more likes and social signals about your brand, which search engines are using to make search more social. So, here are a few basic tips to help you optimize your business Facebook page for SEO.

1) Create a Custom URL – Once your business has received 25 “Likes” on Facebook, you can create a vanity URL for your business page. Essentially, this is a user name which will include the facebook domain and then your page user name, in the format facebook.com/username. Not only does this help you easily share about your social profiles conversationally within your business, but also, a vanity URL can signal to search engines that your Facebook page is affiliated with your brand. The best practice for SEO purposes is to select your company name, and if it’s not available, choose something as close to it as you can. Once you select your Facebook user name, you can’t change it, so make sure to spell check and double check your user name before you finalize the name.

2) Select Your Name – When you first set up a Facebook page, you can select a company name. The name on your Facebook page is a separate component than your URL, and like with that element, it’s a best practice to make sure the name of your business Facebook page is as close to your actual business name as possible. This will reinforce consistency of your brand and help search engines associate your business Facebook page with your business. If you would like to change the name of your business Facebook page, you have to have at least 100 fans.

3) Optimize Keywords in Information Section –In the basic information section, you have several areas to share information about your business, such as categories like About, Overview, Description, and General Information. Depending on the type of category you select for your business, you may have different fields available to customize. In order to get the most out of your page, it’s best to complete every field on the information tab. Make the “About” section short and sweet, because only the first 65 characters of your “About” section will show up on the home screen of your Facebook page. The entirety of the About section, as well as the other fields you customize in the information section will show up on the Information tab. So, in the additional fields, like Overview, General Information, or Products and Services, write your business keywords into some of the copy, but don’t just add a list of your keywords there. Just like with any SEO copy, you want the information page to be persuasive to readers and at the same time informative to search engines.

4) Include Accurate, Consistent Listing Details – For a local business, you can include important business information on the information section of Facebook, including your address, as well as hours and contact information. Just as you would to optimize your online business listings, make sure that you fill this out accurately, and that you are consistent with every detail, from abbreviations to hyphenations, with how you display this information in your other local listings.

5) Promote Company Links – In addition to keyword copy ad listing information, you can use the Information section of your Facebook page to link to important company sites, including your business web site, blog, social media profiles, and review sites.

6) Link to Your Page Offsite – Not only should you link to your sites from your Facebook page, but you should link to your Facebook page from your business website and blog. Not only does this boost the value of the Facebook page in search engines, but it can help connect your business with its social media outlets, an important element of web presence optimization. You can even imbed a Facebook Like box on your website to help increase engagement and Likes.

7) Post Fresh Content – Posting fresh, interesting content is important to improving the SEO value of your Facebook page. So, sharing updates, links, images, videos, and questions can not only generate engagement with your fanbase, it can also demonstrate that your Facebook page is an active, valuable page, helping boost its SEO value as well.

8) Optimize Photos – Just like with traditional SEO, you can optimize images in Facebook. Although the images themselves aren’t content, there is content associated with these pictures, such as image names, captions, and even comments. So, make sure to optimize all the images you post to Facebook using descriptions rich with valuable keywords.

9) Acquire Likes – Another important element in creating a search optimized Facebook page is to generate more likes on your page itself. Likes can help your content get seen more often in the Facebook News feed itself. And, as search becomes more social, search engines are finding ways to take social data such as likes and surface it on search results. For example, Bing’s recent social search integration with Facebook will surface Facebook pages that your friends have liked when you search for certain terms in Bing social search.

These are just a few tips to help you with Facebook SEO for your local business page. Is your business on Facebook? What SEO tips and tricks have you tried? Have a question about Facebook SEO? Share your feedback in a comment.

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