Free Webinar: 7 Search Advertising Tips for Reaching the Distracted Consumer

Consumers today have nearly constant access to the online world, leaving them both connected and distracted. The rise of mobile search enables consumers to search for and consume information in a non-linear way and access information at any time throughout the day, often while in the middle of another task. This makes it increasingly difficult for local businesses to get – and hold– their target consumers’ attention on search engines.

This trend of searching for information sporadically, which Google calls “micro-moments” means local businesses need a strong search advertising strategy that includes an emphasis on mobile search.

So, how do local businesses ensure they have the right search strategy in place to get found when and where consumers are searching?

Join ReachLocal and Google for an exclusive webinar June 3 at 1 p.m. CDT to learn how “micro-moments” are shaping the way people search and learn tips to improve the effectiveness of your search engine advertising.

Register today for this free webinar Search that Works: 7 Tips for Reaching the Distracted Consumer.


ReachLocal Search Advertising Webinar



Jenni Williams

Jenni is a Senior Manager, Content Marketing at ReachLocal with over 11 years experience in digital marketing. Jenni specializes in helping SMBs amplify their marketing efforts online, and her marketing expertise includes social media marketing, online advertising, website content, and promotions. She frequently hosts webinars and has published published multiple blogs on online marketing topics for SMBs.

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