From Our Expert: Creating Successful Facebook Ads

Creating Successful Facebook Ads

In our last 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Elements of a Great Facebook Ad, ReachLocal Facebook Advertising Expert Sadie Foster went over tips for setting up Facebook ad campaigns to reach your target audience, including how to create compelling images, copy, and calls to action. Here are some of the key takeaways to keep in mind when creating great Facebook ads.

Defining Your Goals & Choosing the Right Campaigns

Facebook can help you accomplish several goals for your business. Goals can include:

  • Increasing engagement with your posts
  • Gaining followers
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing website visits
  • Getting more conversions

It’s important to determine which goal (or goals) your business wants to achieve before choosing the type of Facebook advertising campaign you’re going to run.

Through Facebook advertising, you can run local awareness campaigns, website click campaigns, and retargeting campaigns. A local awareness campaign is a great option if you want conversions and to build brand awareness, while creating engagement with the people that see your ads. The website clicks campaign is designted to drive people to your website and have them take action on your site. And lastly, the Facebook retargeting campaign targets users that have previously visited your site, keeping your business top of mind for your audience.

Picking Your Target Audience

Once you’ve picked the campaign (or campaigns) you’d like to run, it’s time to identify your target audience! On Facebook, you can target by geographic, demographic, interest, behaviors, and by creating custom lists. When choosing your target audience, always keep in mind the target age for your product or service, how far your users are willing to travel, and which demographics you want to target. It’s important that your business finds the right audience to increase your chances of meeting your specified goals.

What Devices to Show Your Ads On

Now that you have established your target audience, it is important that you figure out where your target audience is going to see your ads. Most Facebook campaigns offer the option to show on mobile and desktop. But the local awareness campaign is only available on mobile devices, so it’s important to keep that in mind when setting up your Facebook ad campaign.

Choosing your Creative & Call to Action

The last step in setting up your Facebook ad is choosing your creative asset and call to action. Use these best practices to help guide you through this process, and visit our website to learn how ReachLocal can help you run a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

Learn More About Facebook Ads in 15 Minutes

Want to learn more about Facebook Ads? Listen to our on-demand webinar: 5 Elements of a Great Facebook Ad, and register for our upcoming 5 in 15 webinars here to improve your marketing in just 15 minutes.

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5 Elements of a Great Facebook Ad

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