Get Ahead with Google Posts: How to Make It Work for Your Business

Is your business using Google My Business? If so, Google has a new feature for Google My Business called Google Posts to help businesses share relevant information directly on Google Search and Maps. This is useful because 82% of people turn to search engines to find local information. Google Posts were first introduced under a different name, candidate cards, back in January 2016 exclusively for political candidates. Now, however, this feature is available to any business.

Why Should My Business Use Google Posts?

Google Posts can help your business attract new customers, stand out to potential customers, and strengthen relationships with existing customers. It also allows you to include customized calls to action directly to your business listing.

Creating a post is fairly easy, and you can do it on your desktop or mobile device. Ideal ways for businesses to use these posts include:

  • To share specials or promotions.
  • To promote events.
  • To showcase new or best-selling products.
  • To directly buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, learn more, or take a reservation.

Google Posts expire within seven days from the default view, although they continue to live under the “Posts” tab on mobile.

Best Practices for Local Businesses

Google actually has suggestions on how to make great business posts. As with all marketing content on any platform these days, it’s best to keep in mind these best practices:

  • Shoot for timely info.
  • Avoid gimmicky language.
  • Create a catchy headline in four to five words.
  • Use an eye-catching, clear, and focused image.
  • Inspire action.
  • Include relevant keywords for SEO.

Here’s a great example:

Mobile View

Desktop View

View When You Click the Post

Additional Google Post Details

  • Your business can see the number of views and clicks on published posts via desktop and mobile.
  • There are no duplicate content penalties for multiple locations.

If you don’t already use Google My Business, you can sign up here. And, download our ebook below for Google My Business help to learn how to set up and manage your Google My Business page, then learn more about how we can help on our website.

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