Get More from Facebook Advertising with Lead Ads

Get Facebook Leads Sent Straight to Your Inbox to Respond Quickly

We’re happy to announce that ReachSocial Ads, our Facebook advertising solution, now includes Lead Ads, which generates leads directly through a form in your Facebook ads. By keeping users on the Facebook platform, Lead Ads helps prospects convert because they can do so right from your ad. Plus, with Lead Ads from ReachLocal, your Facebook leads get sent straight to your email inbox, so you don’t have to log in to Facebook each time you want to check for new leads.

With Lead Ads powered by ReachSocial Ads, you can:

  • Provide prospects with a simple, two-tap process to submit customized inquiries directly via your Facebook ads
  • Instantly get new Facebook leads sent to your email, so you can respond faster to leads and increase close rates
  • Rely on ReachLocal’s Facebook Blueprint-certified experts to manage your Facebook campaign and deliver results

Plus, when you use our Lead Ads solution and our ReachEdge software together, you also get your Facebook leads delivered straight into your ReachEdge lead inbox. ReachEdge software enables you to make the most of your business opportunities with lead management tools, marketing automation functionality, and marketing analytics, so you can do even more with your leads.

Learn more about ReachSocial Ads and ReachEdge on our website.


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