Get More Leads from Google Maps with PPC Location Extensions

Ad Extensions help your PPC ads show up in Google Maps search results

If local search advertising is your bread and butter for generating leads and calls – and for most local businesses, this is the case – Google has given you one more great reason to optimize your PPC ads with location extensions: it’s now including Maps’ Local Finder results in its search advertising inventory. Here’s what this change means for your search advertising campaign, and how to get the most out of it.

Search Ads Now Showing in More Google Maps Results

Local search ads are now appearing in Google’s Local Finder results. These are Google Maps advertising results that come up when you click “More Places” from Google’s local search results, also known as the “local pack” or “3-pack.”

Google Maps paid search ads

Local Finder Map Results

But, not just any text ads are showing up in Local Finder Map results. Google Maps already requires search ads to have location extensions, and Google is expected to only show ads with location extensions in the Local Finder results as well. Location extensions provide local information populated from your Google My Business profile in your text ad

Learn more about setting up your Google listing via Google My Business with our free guide.

In the Local Finder and Google Maps results, Google also displays links to your website and directions, similar to a mobile text ad. If you don’t have location extensions enabled on your PPC ads, your campaign could experience a lower number of impressions, clicks, and conversions since those ads will not populate in Google Maps results.


Google Maps PPC ad with location extension

PPC ad example from the Local Finder in Google Maps

Generate More Leads with Location Extensions

If this isn’t enough to convince you to turn on location extensions in your search advertising campaign, let’s take a look at the other ways location extensions can positively impact your PPC performance:

By providing additional content and functionality for your ads, location extensions can improve your ad’s clickthorugh rate, Quality Score, and more. And, even more importantly, they can help you drive even more online and offline conversions from your advertising.

Get Found for More Local Searches

As Google folds in Local Finder results as part of its search advertising inventory in Google Maps, your text ads could have a greater chance of being shown for local searches if you enable location extensions for your ads, which could mean a boost in your advertising results. Check out these tips for getting your Google local listing in order before turning on location extensions for your PPC campaign.

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