Google to Roll Out New Text Ad Format

Google has just announced they will be expanding the text ad format for AdWords in order to better optimize text ads for mobile devices. The result will be a new, second headline and nearly 50% more space for ad copy overall. This will give business owners using AdWords more room to highlight their products, services, and promotions.

What Will the Updated Format Look Like?

The main change that Google is making is adding a new second headline and greatly expanding the characters available to advertisers. Here is a quick breakdown of the character lengths and how the new format, which will roll out later this year, compares to the current format:

Google Text Ad Format Guidelines

Why is Google Making This Change?

Google has stated they are making this change to help advertisers maximize their presence in mobile search results. “Optimized for screen sizes of the most popular smartphones, new expanded text ads in AdWords provide more ad space so you can showcase more information about your products and services before the click.”

This extra space will allow advertisers to better describe their products and services to searchers. Google has been testing out this format for some time and feels that it can benefit advertisers with up to 20% CTR lift over the old text ad format, though actual account-level results will vary.

How Can I Maximize My Text Ads In Light of This Change?

This change will be rolling out later in the year. For now, we recommend taking a look at your current text ads and seeing how you can better align them to the new ad format when it rolls out, using the extra space to best highlight the products and services you offer as well as any key differentiators that help your business stand out from the competition. You should always follow text ad best practices, which include using ad extensions, choosing the best landing page for your ad, and more, to ensure that your ad text converts well.

Of course, if you are a ReachLocal client, we will handle the migration to the new format for you and re-write your ads as needed to optimize performance.

We’re looking forward to how this update to the Google text ad will help our clients see even greater success with their search advertising campaigns, and we’ll keep you updated on our findings.

For more information about ReachSearch, ReachLocal’s search engine advertising solution, and how we can help you stay on top of the latest updates and trends, visit our website.

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Devon Anderson is a search engine marketing and online advertising expert who is passionate about helping small and medium businesses gain customers online. Devon currently serves as the Vice President of Media Delivery Solutions for ReachLocal, where she oversees the teams responsible for SEM campaign strategy, campaign setup, and publisher operations.

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