Healthcare Marketing Makeover: 3 Tips to Try in 2018

A new year means new marketing tactics and plans. Digital marketing will continue to grow in 2018, especially in the healthcare industry, so I’ve put together three tips for you to try as part of your healthcare marketing strategy to build your brand and awareness with current and potential patients.

1. Geofencing

Would you say you’re addicted to your phone?

Research shows that U.S. consumers now spend an average of five hours on their mobile devices, and the majority of that time is spent in apps.

We know as the world has changed and become more fast-paced that people are always on the go. This contributes to the growth of mobile phone use and popularity. So how does all of this change the way we market? It means we have to be able to find our patients on the go, which translates to reaching them through their mobile phones. Geofencing is a great way to find these patients and then advertise to them within apps on their smartphones.

Picture this: You can identify locations you know your ideal patient would be (Walgreens, colleges, the popular restaurant scene) and draw a box around that area to target anyone who walks in it. When your potential patient goes to their college, they are now identified as someone you want to market to. This person is then shown your ad in an application on their device. The cool, and slightly creepy, next part is that you can see whether they click on the ad or not, and if they later come to your locations.

2. Planned Video & Live Video

Video gives you a platform to form a relationship with your patients and show the personal side of your organization. In a world full of ads and so many different choices, people want to feel a connection when making decisions.

Video can be used in multiple ways: Testimonials, website welcome, facility tours, physician profiles, procedure explanations, events, speeches, and many more.

Planned videos that are produced and done ahead of time are the most popular types of videos for healthcare marketers, as they enjoy the control they have over the content, but live videos also have multiple benefits. For starters, when you go live on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, a notification is sent to your followers telling them you are live. We all know that not everyone is going to be available to watch at that time, but you could catch some people by sparking their interest with that notification. If people didn’t see you while you were live, the video still shows up on their News Feed to watch after. Live videos are more organic and fun, which really makes them personal. And, they’re easily (and cheaper) to execute. If you have an event going on, it can give your followers an inside look, making them want to join or come to the next one!

3. Instagram

With more than 500 million active users, Instagram is currently the second most popular social media network in the world, behind Facebook. It’s imperative to keep up with our fast-paced world, and Instagram caters to people on the go. This social media platform is mobile-exclusive, as mobile usage continues on its steady incline, and has a visual nature, as attention span for lengthy posts is dwindling. However, I must note that Instagram is not a conversion-heavy platform, but it is ideal for expanding your brand presence.

Let 2018 be the year that you try new tactics to reach your target audience. These tactics above are excellent ways to get your message in front of a wider audience and grow your web presence as part of your healthcare marketing strategy. If you do not know where to start, we are here to help, visit our website for more information.

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Casey Schmelder

Casey is a Senior Account Manager on the National Healthcare Team at ReachLocal. She enjoys getting to know her clients and working to put together the best strategies to fit their digital marketing needs. Casey works out of the ReachLocal Chicago office and enjoys living on the lake, traveling, and cheering on St. Louis and Mizzou sports teams.

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