How Lead Conversion Software Helps SMBs Get More Customers [Infographic]

When you get a phone call from a new prospect, what steps do you take to ensure that they become a customer?

Do you:

  • Respond to their call as soon as possible?
  • Record all their information?
  • Follow up with them?
  • Send email offers and product information?
  • Track calls, emails, and forms back to the original marketing source?
  • Know which marketing works best to get you customers?

ReachEdge lead conversion software from ReachLocal simplifies all of these tasks for local businesses, making it easier for them to turn more leads into customers and get a leg up on their competitors. This infographic shows you how ReachEdge uses advanced lead and call tracking technology to help you manage your leads, marketing automation to streamline the lead nurturing process, and transparent reports to show you how well your marketing works to get you customers.

Check it out!

ReachLocal Infographic: How ReachEdge Lead Conversion Software Gets You Customers

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