How Live Chat Helps SMBs Get Real Results

Live Chat Drives Customers to SMB

Building a website is an important investment in helping you market your business online, and increasing your ability to convert website visitors into leads is a critical component of online marketing. In addition to ensuring that your website follows conversion best practices, you can use tools like live chat software to not only engage with visitors, but also to capture more leads so you can convert them into customers.

But how well does live chat really work? Hear what real live chat customers had to say about the impact that this software had on their bottom line:

1. It’s Effective at Engaging & Converting Website Visitors

“TotalLiveChat has been very, very effective at converting people who come to the website. Getting them to the website is one thing, but getting them to engage is another. TotalLiveChat is very effective in terms of getting that person to actually contact me. It’s 24 hours, 7 days a week: someone’s always there to interact with that potential client.”

– Michael P. McCready; Law Offices of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C.

2. Live Chat Helps Me Get More from My Web Traffic

“My experience with TotalLiveChat was a great success, because it’s one thing to have traffic on your website, but what’s most important about traffic on your website is converting that traffic to leads. And, in the business I run, it’s imperative to talk to the customer.”

– Mike Westhead, Home Court Hoops

3. Live Chat Helps Me Reach the Customer

“ReachLocal’s TotalLiveChat has been a winner for our practice, and we feel that it helps people connect with our practice quickly without having to jump through extra hoops.”

– Dr. Jeff Miller, Orthodontic Associates

Want to learn more about what Live Chat software can do to help you convert more website visitors into leads? Get our new live chat guide to see what it could do for your business.


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