How ReachLocal Helps Multifamily Communities with Their Search Engine Advertising [Video]

A Multifamily marketing partnership with ReachLocal can help you sign more leases. It’s as simple as that. Our award-winning search engine marketing solution –ReachSearch– helps you get found by more renters at the exact time and place they are looking for a new home.

Here’s why we’re successful:

  • We extract actionable insights for your properties based on data from millions of search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Since 2006, our seasoned team of experts has been hyper-focused on serving the best and brightest in the Multifamily industry.
  • Our campaign best practices ensure that your campaigns reach your prospective residents as they actively search across all top search engines.
  • We know the importance of getting ROI! Whether you want to get in front of renters on a mobile device or desktop, our technology streamlines keywords, budgets, and conversions so you see high returns.

Want to see how we can make ReachSearch work for you? Watch the video to see how we help hundreds of communities like yours get more residents.

Colleen McNamara

As the Senior Manager of Content Strategy at SweetIQ, Colleen plays a key role in the company's content marketing initiatives. She spends her days building editorial calendars, penning subject lines, and executing social media campaigns. Previously, Colleen worked with a number of Canadian companies, helping them launch their branded content programs in the SaaS, robotics, travel, and design industries. In her spare time, you'll find Colleen at a cafe or library near you, plugging away at her Master of Arts thesis. So far, her scholarly research has taken her to Berkeley, California, and Bergen, Norway.

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