How To: Create and Use YouTube Video Content on your Website

Create and Use YouTube Video Content on your Website

Creating videos is a popular alternative to writing long-form articles when it comes to featuring your products and services online. Short videos are especially effective for conveying a brief message and have been shown to increase the amount of time customers will spend on your website. Plus, creating a branded YouTube channel with videos optimized for search engines can be a great boost for your organic ranking and provides you with engaging content to share with visitors to your business website. But if creating and uploading quality videos seems overwhelming to you, try these easy and effective ways to get the most out of video as part of your online marketing.

Don’t be Afraid of Your Smartphone
Our Smartphones help us to do many things, from finding a local restaurant to sharing updates with our social networks. So, why not use one to make a video for your business? On most Smartphones today, you can record your video and directly upload it to your YouTube channel. When filming your video, make sure you shoot it horizontally, since vertical videos don’t translate well on YouTube. You can also purchase hardware, like a tripod or microphone, to improve the quality of your video. And remember,  the shorter your video, the better for your audience; in fact, 85% of people will complete a 30-second video clip, while only 50% will complete a video ranging from 2 to 10 minutes. This can also significantly help your video ranking in YouTube search, as YouTube now ranks videos based on their watch time instead of view count.

Tell Potential Customers Who You Are
When first researching a business, potential customers want to know what your business does and how it applies to their needs or wants. What better way to get personal with your current and potential customers than with a video that explains your business and why it’s different from the competition. In fact, one survey reported that 9 out of 10 respondents said that they would watch a video if it contained product information or a demonstration. Plus, filming videos like customer reviews can also demonstrate the value you provide to real people, and show that your business is transparent.

Feature an Interesting Product or Service
A recent study shows that 52% of consumers are more confident in a product after they have watched a video about it, and are less likely to return the product. In addition, product or service videos have been shown to promote loyalty and boost engagement by more than two in five viewers. Not only will your customers know the type of business you are from a product or service video, but they will be more inclined to buy that particular product or use that particular service if they can see first-hand how it will impact them as a consumer.

Don’t Forget the Titles
When adding your videos to YouTube, the titles should read as a user-friendly piece of content and be search-engine friendly. There is a 100 character limit for YouTube videos, so it’s important to be as clear and descriptive as possible. Search engines like Google will only look at the text surrounding the video, which is why it’s imperative to use relevant business keywords to help them rank higher in the search engines. Use keywords that make sense for your business and for the video you are creating. In addition, using trigger words like review”, “about”, or “how to” can help increase views on your videos.

Add Your YouTube Videos to Your Website
YouTube makes adding video to your own website relatively easy with a specific embed code for each video. Here’s how to embed a video on your website or blog:

1. Go to the particular video you would like on your website.

2. Click the “Share” button, located just underneath the video.

3. You will see different options here. Select the “Embed” option. Once you select this option, the code will show up below. Post this HTML code to the article or page where you want to feature the video.

The videos you upload that have specific information about your business, product or service will make a great addition to your website. This will keep your customers on your website longer, which could turn into potential sales.

Are you using videos to tell your story online? Let us know what types of video work for you!

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