How to Create Landing Pages Search Engines (and Leads) Will Love

Your landing page can make or break the success of your PPC campaign. Throughout the life of your campaign, search engines crawl your website and use a combination of automated tools and real employees trained to assess your landing pages. If these automated tools and professionals think that your landing page offers a poor user experience, you may see lower quality score, a lower ad position over time, and the search engines may prevent your ads from showing as often as you’d like or at all. In turn, improving your landing page can lower cost per click, improve ad position, and help the overall success of your campaign.

If you’re wondering what you can do to improve your landing page experience, you’re in luck. Here are four quick tips to improve your landing page.

1. Create Clear Calls to Action

With clear call to action buttons on your landing page, your visitors can easily get more information and are more likely to complete a form submission online. A good rule of thumb is to have your call to action in three places on your landing page: the top right, within the copy of your landing page, and at the bottom in or near the footer. This gives leads many opportunities to convert. Another option is to include a short form on your landing page so visitors do not have to click over to another form or page to contact you. You can see examples of both on our ReachEdge™ websites.

2. Make Your Page Easy to Navigate

Having a clean and attractive design with properly organized menus is the best way to improve your landing page experience. The architecture of your website plays a role in so many aspects of your digital marketing strategy, and your PPC campaigns are no exception. Ensure your website is free of clutter, and the most important aspects of your site are easy to find and execute.

3. Ensure Quick Load Times

If it takes too long for your website to load, this lets the search engines know that your landing page experience is poor, and it will lower your ad position within the auctions. To prevent this, make sure your website loads quickly on both mobile and desktop versions, prioritize the most relevant content at the top of your page so users don’t have to scroll down to see it, and use Google Analytics or other free third party tools to help you asses your load time and what you can do to improve it.

4. Create Original and Compelling Content

Make sure your landing page content directly relates to your ad text and keywords, and try to include aspects of your business that make you and your site uniqueBecause your landing page is often a searchers first impression of your business, you want to make sure you are presenting helpful, accurate information that will encourage them to take the next step and become your customer.

By making improvements to your landing page, you will have a more successful campaign over time and can improve your conversion metrics by providing an easy-to-navigate solution for those searching for the products services you offer. As Google’s North American Quality Score Champion for 2015, we like to think we know a thing or two about running quality campaigns. If you would like one of our campaign professionals to review your landing page with you, contact us on our website.

Jenn Fitzsimmons

Jenn is a Marketing Expert at ReachLocal who is passionate about digital marketing and creating marketing solutions for entrepreneurs so they can focus on running the day-to-day operations for their business. With a lifelong interest in technology and the evolution of the internet, she is always searching for what is coming next to the industry to ensure her clients are ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors.

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