How to Use Customer Feedback on Social Media to Improve Your Business

Social media offers unprecedented marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes, yet many businesses miss one of the biggest improvement opportunities available through social media: Customer feedback. Don’t let negative comments affect your business’s morale, instead learn from these tips on how to change contrary opinions into positive, strategic change.

Take Action on Customer Feedback

Polls conducted by Twitter show that customer service requests made through Twitter have grown by more than 250% in recent years, and customers expect a response to their communications with companies with most expecting a reply within two hours. While those whose expectations are met in a timely manner are much likelier to recommend your business to others, those who don’t get their needs addressed within a few hours are more likely to spread a negative message about you.

When customers give feedback on issues you can address immediately for a quick win, grab the opportunity. But, more often, you’ll get feedback that will take a little time to address, and that’s okay if it is done in a timely manner. It is better to take some time to give the right answer than quickly provide the wrong one. Whatever the timeline, make sure you acknowledge those users who take the time to give you their input, even when it’s not so useful. If it’s an idea you’re actually planning to take action on, let them know and provide updates as soon as possible so your customers can see that your business takes customer feedback seriously. All input is good for your brand’s growth, even if it is negative, so it is important to recognize those online thoughts.

Incorporate Customer Engagement into Your Social Media Plan

Make sure your social media plan sets aside time for live interaction with users and monitors social media mentions so they can be acknowledged promptly to help your business shine in front of prospects. Show those users just how well you take care of your existing customers, and watch how quickly they can expand awareness for your business through word of mouth. Recognizing problems and resolving them will give credibility to your business.

Let the power of customer service through social media work wonders for your business. Prioritizing customer feedback and using it to shape your business plans helps keep you on a clear path toward successful growth. Learn how you can encourage more online reviews for your business on review sites on our blog.

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