How to Use Facebook Ads for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is on November 28 this year! Created by American Express, it’s a great opportunity to drive more customers to your local business (either in-person or online!). With the date just around the corner, you should take advantage of all the tools available to your small business, especially on Facebook.

Here are some ways to use Facebook ads for Small Business Saturday:

Target the Ideal Audience

With Facebook advertising, you’re able to get really granular on the audience you choose to target. You can target customers by age, gender, geography, and more. If you want to get even more specialized with your targeting, you can also go after customers based on interests, behavior, and demographics.

But, keep in mind that the more focused your targeting is, the more expensive it can be. So, identify a few key features of your typical buyer to target. If you’re promoting in-store purchases, you can target local customers. For example, a daycare may target local households with mothers between the age of 25-45.

Determine Your Call to Action

You’ve decided who you want to target through Facebook. Next, you need to determine the call to action on your advertisement so you can identify the ideal next step for your customer to take. Whether it’s calling your business or clicking through to your website, you want your ad to drive an action.

For example, a local dealership participating in Small Business Saturday may be looking to promote their holiday deals on their website, so their ideal call to action would be the “Learn More” button.

Create a Unique Landing Page

If you’re driving customers directly to your website from your advertisement, you’ll want to create a unique landing page that highlights your promotions for Small Business Saturday. Make sure to tailor the landing page to showcase the information you were promoting on the advertisement as well as any additional specials.

Remember, they clicked through your advertisement because they were interested in what you were promoting. Don’t send them to your general homepage and make them dig for that information. Direct them straight to a landing page with relevant information.

Retarget Website Visitors

Convert more leads by retargeting customers who visited your website with an ad about your Small Business Saturday involvement. Ever seen a pair of shoes you were just looking at reappear in your Facebook News Feed? Did that ad ever convince you to make a purchase? That’s the power of retargeting.

This is a great supplement to any initial Facebook ad that directs customers to your website. It will help increase the overall success of your Small Business Saturday campaign.

Test Different Media Formats

Maximize the effect of your ad by trying out multiple photos or videos. By selecting multiple photos or videos for your Facebook ad, they’ll determine your spend based on the media that is highest performing.

For Small Business Saturday, try testing out a few photos featuring your promos or videos featuring some new products or classes you may be offering. Remember, for Facebook videos, keep them short and sweet.

Supplement with Search Advertising

Facebook and paid search make great advertising companions. In fact, when Facebook ads and PPC are paired, it often results in lower costs, improved PPC performance, and more clicks per combined campaign spend.

As the holiday season ramps up, it’s an important time for you to maximize your marketing efforts to drive more qualified leads, and Small Business Saturday is the perfect lead in to your holiday marketing.

Hayley Carpenter

Hayley is the Marketing Manager, Programs, at ReachLocal. With a diverse background in sales and consulting, she has found her passion in marketing and has experience in lead generation programs and content marketing across multiple industries. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Hayley moved south to attend Southern Methodist University where she received her degree in communications studies, public relations, and Mandarin. In her spare time, Hayley enjoys reading, horseback riding, and hanging in hammocks.

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