If You Only Do One Thing With Your Leads, It’s This

When a consumer visits your website and then contacts you for the first time via web form, email, or phone call, you’ve cleared a crucial hurdle in getting a new lead. But you’re also on the time clock to convert that lead into a customer. If you don’t, they might forget about you and contact your competitors instead.

So, if you do only one thing with your leads, it’s this: follow up with them regularly via phone and with lead nurturing emails over the course of the sales cycle.


Staying in front of new leads with timely, relevant information ensures that your company stays top of mind, so that when the time comes to make a purchase decision, they’re more likely to choose your business.

But as a busy business owner, you might find you can’t always provide the quick and consistent follow up that’s needed because you’re focused on running other areas of your business. This is where marketing automation or lead nurturing software can help you continuously follow up with your leads.

The automated reminders and lead nurturing built into ReachEdgeTM lead conversion software work to ensure you’re providing the follow up your contacts and leads need to ultimately become customers. Here are a few ways ReachEdge can help you to follow up:

  • Alerts you in real-time when you get a new lead via phone, email, or form so you can respond right away
  • Immediately sends automated response emails to contacts who’ve emailed or filled out a web form with their email address
  • Sends email and text reminders to you and your staff throughout the sales cycle to ensure you’re providing consistent follow up with your top leads
  • Sends a series of lead nurturing emails to your leads with specific marketing messages, ensuring you and your company stay top of mind

When it comes to your leads, providing professional and consistent follow up is essential to converting them into customers. Download the free guide to learn more about how ReachEdge lead notifications and lead nurturing can help.


Amy Neeley

Amy enjoys helping small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) navigate the online marketing world with tips, trends, and best practices they can use. She has written for Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and SMBs, and her articles have been featured on sites like Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, MarketingProfs.com, and other industry publications. Amy can often be found walking her dogs, Lola and Marlo, and keeping up with the news via Twitter.

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