Introducing ReachRetargeting: Target Consumers Interested in Your Business

ReachLocal has announced the availability of ReachRetargeting™, an innovative online advertising solution that builds brand awareness with interested consumers by showing them a banner ad as they surf the Web. The first solution of its kind, ReachRetargeting combines two powerful technologies — search retargeting and site retargeting — to show your display ad to people who have searched for keywords related to your business as well as to people who have visited your website.  Here’s an overview of how ReachRetargeting works and the benefits it delivers to local businesses like yours.

How Search Retargeting Works

Search retargeting shows your display ad to new prospects who have searched for keywords related to your business type, products, or services, such as “children’s braces” or “orthodontist,” but don’t necessarily contact you immediately. By repeatedly showing your ad to these interested prospects, search retargeting familiarizes them with your brand, so they remember you when they are ready to make a purchase.

How Site Retargeting Works

Sometimes referred to as remarketing, site retargeting is a cost-effective way to keep your business top of mind with prospects who have visited your website and therefore are already familiar with your brand, products, and services. Site retargeting works with any type of marketing, including search advertising and display advertising, search engine optimization, and traditional offline advertising, to drive more ROI from all your advertising efforts.

A Unique Combination

By combining these two targeting techniques, our ReachRetargeting technology identifies and targets consumers who have shown purchase intent or consideration for your products and services based on their online behavior. Because it pinpoints people at the exact time they are looking to buy, ReachRetargeting is a powerful way to reach more consumers who are in the market for your products and services and keep your business top of mind.

How can ReachRetargeting help your business? Visit our website to learn more.


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