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New Website

Today at ReachLocal, we’re proud to announce our brand-new website to the world. We’re thrilled to see  how our new site will help everyone from existing clients and staff to investors, prospects, and potential employees.

As a company, we have a lot to share and celebrate, not the least of which is our clients’ success – and how we are helping them market their business online and reach new customers each day. Ultimately, that’s what we’re in business to do, and that’s why we launched the site with the new tagline “We Know Online Marketing”.

What’s New at
Not only does our new site highlight how we’ve helped local business owners with their online marketing, but it also features a completely new design for our brand, more interactive elements, enhanced content, and much, much more. We had many goals for the new ReachLocal website, but these three objectives were at the heart of what we wanted to accomplish:

1. Humanizing our Brand. We’ve always been a technology leader, but we also have an amazing depth of expertise in local online marketing that runs through all of our teams. So, in addition to featuring a customer-centric design, our new site also showcases authentic images and videos of real people, including many of our own employees and clients.

2. Proving our Results. As a leader in local online marketing, we wanted our website to better share what we’ve accomplished for local businesses each and every day. And what better way to do that than through real client results, including nearly 100 client testimonial videos and 40 vertical-specific case studies, all with detailed metrics on local business success.

3. Sharing our Thought Leadership.  From spotlights on our proven methodology and technology to the ReachLocal Learning Center and Social Media Center, our new site illustrates that everything we’ve built has had one purpose in mind: to help local businesses worldwide get more customers from the Web.

We’re extremely proud and excited to see both our company and our website grow. As we progress into 2012, we’re confident that we will continue to establish that at ReachLocal, we know online marketing.

Have you checked out our new site? If not, head over to and check it out! What stands out as your favorite part? Share your thoughts in a comment.

Tamara Weintraub

Tamara is a content marketing manager at ReachLocal with over 7 years experience in B2B marketing and has a nerd-level affinity for software and technology. She specializes in helping local businesses succeed online, writing and learning about Google, search advertising, SEO, and social media marketing. When she's not writing about online marketing, you can find her watching cult TV and hanging out with her Doberman.

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