Is Your Website Working? The Trick that Gets You More Calls

Is Your Website Working? The Trick that Gets You More Calls

Go to the home page of your business website. Do it. Yes, right now.

How long does it take you to locate your phone number?

Okay, now, look at an interior page, like a product page or “About” page. How long did it take you to find your phone number then?

Last test: find a smartphone or tablet and pull your website up. You guessed it – how long did it take to find your phone number here?

If it takes you more than five seconds to locate your phone number in any of these scenarios, your website has a serious problem.

Like many other small business owners, you might believe a phone call from prospects is the Holy Grail of your marketing efforts, because it’s one of the easiest lines of communication between you and potential customers. You wouldn’t put up a billboard or place an ad in the local paper without a prominent phone number, so why should your website be any different? So, if you want more calls from your website, the answer is simple: make your phone number easy to find. Here are a few amazingly simple tips to make your phone number stand out.

1. Put it at the top of every page.

Yes, on every page. Not just on your home page or “Contact us” page. Every. Single. Page. Why? Because people are visiting them. Consumers who are serious about contacting you to learn more about your products or services, getting quotes, and booking an appointment with you won’t just look at your home page – they’ll jump around your website to look at product information, customer reviews, videos, photos, and more.  You never know at what point they’ll make the choice to pick up the phone and call you, so don’t make it hard for them; put your number at the top of every page, in an easy-to-see font and color. Remember: the easier your number is to locate, the quicker prospects will call you.

2. Give it a call to action.

Every effective website page has a clear call to action for a visitor to take. In this case, direct potential customers to call you. It’s always best to pair your specific action with a compelling benefit – essentially, what they’ll get out of contacting you. Additionally, this provides a visual cue for prospects to locate your phone number and helps persuade them take the action you want them to. A few examples of a call to action for your site could include:

  • Call Now for a Free In-Home Estimate! 555-0122
  • Call Today to Book Your Appointment: 555-0122. Space is Limited!
  • Plumbing Emergency? Call our 24-Hour Hotline at 555-0122

3. Mobile-optimize it.

Did you know that now 46% of consumers have relied solely on smartphones or tablets to find local businesses? And, one-third of those consumers are specifically looking for – you guessed it – your phone number. So, if you don’t have a mobile-optimized site, or your site does not have a quick click-to-call feature, just think of all the mobile leads that may be passing you by. Having a mobile-friendly site for your advertising and organic marketing is imperative in today’s mobile world. So, it’s time to invest in, at minimum, a mobile landing page with click-to-call functionality that you can drive your online prospects to. You don’t want to miss out any more potential customers!

Bonus Tip: Designate someone to answer the calls – and to return them.

Maybe you’re already getting a lot of calls- and that’s great. But, the quickest way to lose a hot lead from your website is to keep them from becoming a lead at all. And, one of the terrible things a consumer can experience is eagerly calling a local business and listening to the phone ring and ring for what seems like an eternity. Or worse, leaving a detailed voicemail, but never receiving a call back. If you’ve experienced this when contacting another business, then you know what it feels like if a consumer has this experience with yours. If you really want more business from potential customers who call you, consider using a call recording system that alerts you when you receive a new contact, so you have a means to review calls that are answered (either by a human or by a voicemail system) and promptly call back any prospects that aren’t taken care of immediately. Studies have shown that 50% of consumers will go with the business that responds to them first – so make sure it’s yours!

What other tricks have you tried to get more calls from your website? Do you have an effective call handling system in place? Let us know in a comment.

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