Life of a ReachLocal Digital Marketing Manager: Helping One Client Grow on Social Media

Did you know that your social media pages could likely be the first impression that a potential customer has about your business? In today’s world, that’s the reality. We share a lot of tips on our blog about how you can create a better online presence for your business. But, I’d love to share how using those tips can help you grow your business, and how, as a ReachLocal digital marketing manager, I’ve helped one of my clients, Oak Creek Dental Care, see amazing results through their social media pages.

Is Social Media Really Important to Your Digital Marketing?

Oak Creek Dental Care is a perfect example of how social media can help a business grow. Let’s be honest: visiting the dentist isn’t usually something you wake up excited to do. I mean, the expression “it’s like pulling teeth” exists for a reason. However, I can confidently say that Oak Creek patients would beg to differ – but what about those looking for a dentist online? Part of my job as a digital marketing manager is to make sure we’re sharing helpful and relevant information online to help potential patients feel comfortable enough to make their first appointment. Through their social media campaign with ReachLocal, Oak Creek Dental Care has seen increased customer visits and referrals they can directly attribute to their social media pages and work with ReachLocal.

How Can Social Media Bring In New Customers?

We’ve been able to bring in new patients for Oak Creek Dental Care by letting potential patients on sites like Facebook and Twitter get a glimpse of the level of service they will receive once they become a patient.

We make sure that they find the information they need, when they need it by:

  • Sharing staff photos with fun facts so that patients get to know the staff before they visit.
  • Engaging with our audience online and responding to messages as quickly as possible.
  • Sharing holiday posts, dental tips, and running contests with fun dental prizes.

All of these digital marketing tactics start building an online relationship between the business and its patients, and then by working with the friendly staff at Oak Creek Dental Care, we can turn that online relationship into an in-person patient relationship. I know social media, but Practice Manager April Breen and Hygiene Team Lead Kristy Walker at Oak Creek know what makes a great dental team. Together, we have been able to establish a successful social media marketing campaign that has converted likes and follows into patients.

Why I Love Seeing Results for My Clients

One reason I love working with clients at ReachLocal is because I love seeing results and building relationships with these local businesses. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but it is so rewarding when you start seeing those results for your clients. When April or Kristy tell me that they’ve had another new patient come in after seeing their Facebook page or after a social media referral, I’m excited to know that my efforts have directly contributed to that visit.

When I see results like the ones we’ve seen for Oak Creek Dental Care, it’s one way I know I’m doing my best to help them grow their business online. Want to hear more about Oak Creek Dental Care’s results? Watch their ReachLocal review video on our website, and visit our website to learn more about how ReachLocal’s digital marketing managers can help you with your social media marketing.

Mollie Laughlin

Mollie is a Digital Marketing Manager at ReachLocal where she enjoys working with small businesses to create a positive online presence using social media, online reputation, and their business blog. When she's not at work, she likes spending time with her family, working out, and attempting to perfect those impossible Pinterest crafts!

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