LinkedIn Company Pages for Small Businesses


If you’re using social media to market your small business, you’ve probably invested in building a Facebook page and a Twitter account. But LinkedIn is another big social media site that has gotten a lot of attention as a platform for professional networking and now offers features that can also help you market your business.

LinkedIn has grown a user base of over 85 million, largely based on their core model of helping people showcase their work experience and professionally network with others. That model offers great ways for business owners to build their personal brand and develop a network online – tactics that can be used to market a local business, especially in the business services fields. In the past, companies were able to have a limited presence on LinkedIn, sharing information about the business as an employer.

But now, the site has launched Company Pages (currently in beta) feature new offers a way for businesses to share information more information, like products and services, expanding the service’s potential to be used as a marketing platform.

Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page

Setting up a Company Page is free and relatively simple to do. First, you have to see if your company is already listed on the site. You can search here for your company name. If your business is listed in LinkedIn, it should show up in this search. If it doesn’t show up in the list, this means that no employees (including yourself!) have listed the business as an employer, so there is no LinkedIn page on the site. If that’s the case, you can click on “Add a company,” which will direct you to a page where you can create a company profile. You just need to verify an e-mail address for the company.  Then, you’ll need to make sure you are confirmed as a page administrator so you can edit the profile.

Once you’ve found or created the company, you can visit your company page and create and add information like a business description, RSS feed, or Twitter profile. Different tabs allow you to add different types of content. For example, the tab for Products & Services will let you feature products and services your business offers. You can view LinkedIn’s Company Page FAQs to learn more about these updates.

Why It Matters

These changes are pretty new, so it’s worth staying informed on how LinkedIn enhances the ability and functionality of these pages for companies. Setting up and configuring your company page will offer you the ability to:

  • Share business information with business people. Since the audience on the site is mostly professionals, any business that wants to market to this audience should be using every feature LinkedIn offers to generate business. There are already many ways you can do this with personal profiles, and adding company profiles to the mix offers a new marketing platform for your small business.
  • Get visible, credible product and service recommendations. The recommendations people leave for your company’s products and services will be posted publicly – to that person’s network of professional contacts. Not only does this mean more visibility for your brand, it also means that these reviews will be tied to authentic user profiles rather than the often anonymous profiles on other review sites, adding more credibility and letting you know exactly which customers are giving feedback.

These updates are just the beginning of LinkedIn’s efforts to grow its presence in the social media space. Keep your eye out for more news on tools and opportunities businesses will have to use this platform to connect with consumers online.

Are you using LinkedIn to market your small business? Have you checked out the new company pages? Let us know your thoughts in a comment!


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