Mastering PPC: 3 Tips for Better Landing Pages

This is the fourth part of our eight-part series on mastering PPC

Your landing page can make or break the success of your PPC campaign. A great landing page can entice a lead to take the next step and actually become your customer.

Consider these tips for creating good landing pages:

1. Tailor Your Landing Pages

Your landing page must be relevant to the keywords you are bidding on. If you offer multiple products or services, then you need a landing page for each product or service. Google and the other search engines have one goal in mind: Deliver what the searcher wants. If the searcher clicks on an ad for “transmission repair shops,” make sure they land on a page talking about transmission repair.

2. Make It Easy to Contact Your Business

Make sure your phone number is on the top of every page so whenever a prospect decides they are ready to call, they don’t have to look for your number. Have a form in case they decide they’d rather request a quote or request more information instead. If it’s too difficult for a potential customer to contact you, they may abandon your landing page or website without converting.

3. Use a Live Chat Software

People have gravitated toward texting instead of calling; give them a similar option on your website. Live chat software is the perfect way to keep leads on your site and collect information about them that you can use to follow up. The key here is to give them as many avenues to reveal themselves to you as possible, in whatever way works best for them.

A tailored landing page that encourages conversions is an important element in the success your PPC advertising campaign.

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Lindsay Christensen

Lindsay is a Sales Manager with ReachLocal and has been with the company for over 7 years. She loves the fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital advertising and has a diverse background in the full digital space. She enjoys showing clients how to make data-driven decisions about what is working and what isn't as well as trouble-shooting campaigns and coming up with solutions.

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