Mastering PPC: 4 Tips for Targeting the Right Location

This is the second part of our eight-part series on mastering PPC. 

When running a PPC campaign, you need to consider which locations you’re going to target in order to be successful. Here are four tips for determining locations to target:

1. Identify Where You Conduct Business

Do you go to your customers or do they come to you? If you go to your customers, how far can you travel until your ROI starts to drop off? If customers come to you, consider how many similar businesses they will pass in order to get to you.

2. Consider Follow Up Appointments

While many customers may be willing to drive a little further once, they might be less willing to drive a long distance for follow up appointments, which is especially important to consider in the medical industry.

3. Choose a Radius

In my experience, choosing a radius versus handpicking cities, designated market area (DMA), or state targeting has proven most successful. This is a Goldilocks scenario: You can’t choose a radius that is too big, and you can’t choose a radius that is too small.

4. Don’t Include Your Outliers

Forget about the one time that a customer came from 89 miles away to visit your business. Stick to an area that represents the majority of your customers for your PPC campaigns rather than spending your budget on a larger area just because you’ve had a few customers travel from outside your typical radius to make a purchase.

Choosing the right location to target for your search ads is critical for a successful PPC campaign.

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Lindsay Christensen

Lindsay is a Sales Manager with ReachLocal and has been with the company for over 7 years. She loves the fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital advertising and has a diverse background in the full digital space. She enjoys showing clients how to make data-driven decisions about what is working and what isn't as well as trouble-shooting campaigns and coming up with solutions.

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