Mind-Blowing Instagram Stats That Prove It Means Business

Instagram grew to 800 million users in 2017, with 500 million logging on daily. Just a year before, the popular social network hit 600 million users. It’s easy to write off numbers that reach such astronomical heights – what’s another 200 million when you’ve already got several? First, that’s a 33% increase year-over-year. Second, the current estimated world population is 7.6 billion people, which means approximately 10% of the world is on Instagram.

Here are a few other eye-popping stats for 2017:

While these are some of the biggest events last year, the number of people they drew pales in comparison to the number of users Instagram draws in every day. And if you needed any more proof, here are two other key stats that show why your business needs to be on Instagram if it isn’t already.

Instagram Boasts 25 Million Business Profiles

At the end of November 2017, Instagram announced it had reached 25 million business profiles, up 10 million from July – a 67% growth in just four months. This same announcement revealed that over 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business, and 25% (200 million users) visit a business profile each day. Making this statistic even sweeter, two-thirds of business profile visits come from people who aren’t followers, which means the platform is perfect for finding new potential customers.

Instagram Has 2 Million Monthly Advertisers

In September 2017, Instagram’s announcement of hitting 2 million monthly advertisers came just six months after hitting the 1 million milestone. That’s a 100% growth in half a year. But what kind of results are businesses actually seeing from their ad spend? The most recent release from Instagram came in March 2017, when it revealed that the previous month saw over 120 million of its users either visit a website, get directions, call, email or direct message a business.

Where Should Your Business Start?

Does your business already have a Facebook page? If so, you can start advertising on Instagram today. While industry best practices warrant having a dedicated Instagram business profile, you can run ads through your Facebook page.

If you’re not sure if your strategies are effective, our dedicated social team at ReachLocal can help. Learn more about our Instagram and Facebook advertising solution here.

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