My Business is on Facebook, Now What? Tips from the Facebook Guide for Marketers

Facebook Guide for Marketers

With over 600 Million users, Facebook is an incredibly important place for any business to establish a presence online. If you’re like many local businesses, you may realize the importance of having a presence on the site but aren’t sure what to do beyond that.

This week, Facebook launched a guide to equip marketers with best practices. Here are a few Facebook business marketing tips from this resource that local business owners can use to maximize their Facebook experience.

1. Build Your Presence

  • Create a Facebook Page for your business. Rather than a personal profile, a Page allows you to establish a Facebook identity for your business. Make sure you have the correct kind of presence for your brand from the get-go, before you start building and promoting it.
  • If your business has a physical location, Link your Business Page with a Place Page to build a more robust presence on the platform.

2. Engage With Fans

  • Relationships don’t happen overnight, so invest time in building relationships with consumers.
  • Create and share content to build a fanbase and engage with consumers.
  • Use Facebook Like Ads to help quickly grow your fan base.
  • Encourage engagement with your brand and create two-way conversations by sharing interactive content, asking questions, responding to fans, etc.
  • Reward and thank your current fanbase by running Deals and promotions specifically for your Facebook community.
  • Try posting at different times of day, like early in the morning or late in the evening, to drive more engagement from fans.

3. Amplify Your Brand

  • Give people an excuse to interact with your brand on Facebook, because each time someone engages, their activity is published into the news feed. This creates word of mouth and can help you acquire more fans.
  • Use creative content that is engineered to be entertaining and shareable, like videos.
  • Make sure the Facebook Like button is on all your digital properties, creating more opportunities for fan activity to get pushed to news feeds.
  • You can also use Facebook Ads (which include the names of friends who have connected to your business) or Sponsored Stories (which help you increase the distribution of news feed stories about your business) to spread your brand even further.

Other Tips & Best Practices

  • Be active, present, and consistent in your presence. Don’t just “set it and forget it.” Respond and engage with fans for an authentic presence.
  • Use Facebook Deals to help drive people to your store to boost offline purchases.
  • Gain business insights about your fans and consumers by examining tools and reports the site provides, such as demographic information available on Page Insights.
  • Use Facebook to gather information about your consumers to use for product and service ideas and research.
  • Listen to what consumers are saying about your business on Facebook so you can apply consumer feedback as business intelligence.

Facebook Resources for Local Businesses

Want More?

If you’re excited about using Facebook for your local business but aren’t sure you have the time and tools to manage an active, consistent presence, learn more about how ReachCast can help you build your web presence, driving search discovery, social discovery and reputation management by contacting us. Take a video tour or call us at (972) 267-2222.

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