New Audience Targeting Options Now Available in ReachRetargeting

New Retargeting Capabilities Help Local Businesses Reach More Prospects Online

To help local businesses reach even more of their target consumers online, ReachLocal is now offering new audience targeting capabilities, including lookalike audiences, through our ReachRetargeting product. This exciting enhancement further expands your business’ ability to target new, interested users wherever they are surfing online.

ReachRetargeting already helps local businesses stay top of mind with previous website visitors and other interested consumers by showing them targeted messages when they visit desktop and mobile sites across the web.

Now, ReachRetargeting offers businesses additional audience targeting capabilities, including:

  • Site Retargeting: We regularly engage prospects who visit your website, so they’re more likely to return to your site and convert.
  • Lookalike Audiences: We learn from your existing site visitors and show ads to other users with similar characteristics, interests, and online behaviors.

Retargeting website visitors and showing your ads to new, targeted audiences is an effective way to build top-of-mind awareness and improve the results of your other digital marketing tactics, like paid search advertising and social media marketing. In fact, studies have shown that banner advertising can lift search advertising results by up to 59%.

Learn more about ReachRetargeting from ReachLocal.


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