Our Top Posts of 2014 & What You Can Learn From Them

This year, we were thrilled to re-launch the ReachLocal blog with a brand new look and feel in August and have been overwhelmed with the positive response to the new site. As we close out the year, we want to take a look at some of our top posts from 2014 and what you can learn from them. And, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see covered on the blog!

5 Common SEO Myths Debunked (And What You Should Really Do!)

The true measure of SEO success isn’t just ranking at the top of search engines – it’s how well your program is working to drive the right kinds of visitors who convert into leads once they get to your site. Learn how to overcome this myth along with other common SEO myths in this popular post.

5 Website Mistakes that Can Kill Your SEO (And Tips to Update It!)

Having an outdated website with bad design that’s not mobile-responsive is not only a poor experience for your visitors, but it can also tank your SEO and make it harder for consumers to discover you online. See what other common website mistakes you may be making and get tips to boost your organic presence.

Local Listings 101: Why They Matter to Your Business

If you haven’t claimed and optimized your business listings on top sites, you could be losing leads from web and mobile searchers. Learn the basics of local listings and what you need to do as a local business to manage them in this helpful post.

How a Lead Becomes a Customer [Infographic]

Follow the journey of a consumer who is trying to find a local business from discovery all the way to choosing a business – and see the difference that effective marketing and professional follow-up can make in closing more sales in this infographic.

12 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2015 from the Experts

What will be the top marketing trends in 2015? Check out these insights on how new tools and technology will help boost local businesses, the critical role that mobile plays for local businesses today, how changing consumer behavior will impact SMBs, and what the evolution of social will mean – plus more – in this expert roundup.

How To: Create Awesome Keywords for Your Paid Search Campaign

In this informative post, one of our own search engine marketing experts shares actionable tips for building great keywords for your paid search campaign, with great insights into keyword variation, search intent, and the role of creativity.

7 Classic Movie Scenes and the Business Lessons They Teach

It turns out we can learn a lot from classic movies – even about running a local business! Enjoy this fun post with insights and takeaways from memorable movie clips.

7-Day Social Media Makeover

Refreshing your brand online can seem overwhelming, but with this popular checklist on how to refresh your business presence on top social sites, you can update your web presence in just seven days.

Case Study: Scion Dealerships Boost Sales with ReachLocal

An integrated approach to online marketing can make a big impact when it comes to reaching local customers online. Learn how a group of Scion dealerships shifted more of their marketing budget online, drove more quality leads and traffic, and increased car sales year over year when partnering with ReachLocal for search, display, and mobile advertising in this case study infographic.

Online Marketing Refresher: The Basics of Promoting Your Business Online

Understanding your brand and how it relates to consumers is one of the foundations of marketing your business. Learn the 10 essentials for marketing your business online in this post.

Your Turn!

What was your favorite post from the ReachLocal blog in 2014? What would you love to see us write about in 2015? We’d love to know your thoughts, so leave us a comment, or feel free to leave a blog post idea in this form!

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