Out of Office: How to Keep Business Going & Leads Coming In

Are you going on vacation this summer and worried about how your business will get new leads while you are soaking up the sun? If you have the right strategy in place, you won’t have to worry about staying top of mind with potential customers while you’re out of the office. Enhance your digital marketing strategy to keep leads coming in while you are “Livin’ la Vida Loca” this vacation season with these tips.

Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tactic to add to your digital marketing strategy to automate your efforts. Create an email marketing campaign to ensure that you are reaching out to consumers while you are out of town. In these emails, share your social media pages, company culture events, or highlight a new product or service. Stay away from spammy messages and create a personal tone for your emails that brings consumers in. Evaluate your results on link clicks, open rates, and other data conversions. Email marketing is a great route to take if you won’t necessarily be in the office but would like to still have communication with potential leads.

According to ExactTarget, 91% of consumers use email at least once daily. By utilizing email marketing campaigns, you can get information like promotions, upcoming events, and more in front of a specific target audience when they may be considering purchasing your products or services Be sure that your campaign is optimized for mobile devices and most email platforms so you have a high impact and expand your reach.

Paid Search & SEO

SEO and paid search are complementary tactics that can help you get seen on search engines. Through utilizing keyword data from paid search, you can see your highest-converting keywords, which will then help you decide which words to optimize pages on your site around.

SEO experts can regularly optimize your site so it stays relevant, no matter what changes in the search landscape so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to your site if Google releases an update while you’re away from your business. These are helpful strategies that you should add to your marketing campaign for long-term use because having a prime SEO strategy isn’t only important when you are looking to track leads while you are out of town, but also for your business as a whole. As shown by Search Engine Land, a paid search and SEO strategy can help increase conversions and reach the most relevant people to your business.

Lead Management

Use lead management software that gives you real-time alerts via email or your smartphone so you don’t have to be in town but can still stay updated on what’s happening back at the office. It is important that your team is prepared on how to follow up with consumers so be sure to have a management plan in place to convert first-time buyers and recurring customers. Track results from all your marketing, manage contacts and leads, and automate lead follow-up and nurturing.

By getting clear insight into which marketing channels, like paid search, social media, and local listings, brings in leads, you can build further campaigns based on what works for your business when you’re back in town.

Staying confident in your marketing strategy doesn’t have to stop while you are away taking time for yourself. Help your business succeed by using software and marketing strategies that will make the most of every opportunity and help grow your business.

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