Steal These 5 Digital Marketing Tips from Social Media Influencers

Have you heard of social media influencers? If you follow any celebrities, bloggers, or former reality show contestants on social media platforms like Instagram, you’ve likely come across a few. Social media influencers partner with businesses to advertise the business’s products or services to the influencer’s social media fans and followers, which is called influencer marketing. Essentially, influencers act as brand spokespeople by touting the benefits of a product or service, but they do so in a way that’s non-threatening

3 Digital Marketing Tips for Seasonal Businesses

Are you a seasonal business struggling to figure out the best digital marketing strategy to keep your business in front of prospects and customers all year? As we move into the fall and winter seasons, some business owners find themselves wondering what to do until it warms up again, while other businesses are preparing to ramp up business. Use these three tips to market your seasonal business year round. 1. Build a Solid Online Presence A solid online presence comprising

6 Ways to Drive In-Person Visits with Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that in-store traffic is valuable for most businesses. In fact, while the average website conversion rate is 2.35% across industries, for in-store traffic the average conversion rate is 33%. That is to say – if you can move that website visitor to knock on your door, there is roughly a 1 in 3 chance they will make a purchase. So how can you make that happen? Here are six ways you can use digital marketing to drive

Mobile Marketing: Why It’s No Longer Just a Trend & What to Do About It

What do water, air, and mobile technology have in common? They’re all integral components of being alive. Or, at least that’s what findings from one study would suggest, with 85% of respondents describing their mobile devices as being a central aspect of their lives. It’s startling to think that within each of our lifetimes, mobile technology has gone from being a mere twinkle in Silicon Valley’s eye to shaping not just how and when information is consumed, but also the

3 Types of Display Advertising Solutions You Should Be Using

When you think of display advertising, you probably only really think about the banner ads you see when you visit a website. But in reality, display advertising comes in many different formats and places online. And, it can really boost your existing marketing efforts by raising awareness for your business in your local area, driving visits to your website or physical store, and helping you increase online conversions like calls and form fills. Here are three types of online display advertising

6 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Did you know that 81% of shoppers perform online research before making a purchase? The future is now when it comes to digital. Digital marketing can span anywhere from ads on Google to posts on Twitter to even mobile display advertisements. So, the question still remains: Where do you begin? Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process you should take to begin your digital marketing journey. Step 1: Invest in a Quality Website Your website is one of the

6 Ways to Cozy Up to New Customers After Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to harvest a new crop of customers. Your in-store event or special offers pulled them in, but now what? Here are six tips to keep the momentum going with your Small Business Saturday customers so they keep buying from you all year. 1. Create a Special Offer for Repeat Visits Once a customer does business with you on or around Small Business Saturday, give them a special offer that encourages them to come

7 Things You Need to Know About Display Advertising

As you’re browsing online, you probably notice the ads across your favorite web pages. Some ads may be extremely relevant to you, while others might seem suspicious or spammy. Small-to-medium-sized businesses are getting their name across the web using these visual ads, also known as display ads or banner ads. Display advertising can be an integral part of your online marketing strategy, but there are some facts you should know before deciding to get started. Here are seven things you

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed in 2016

If you joined our free webinar: 25 Digital Marketing Tips to Get More Local Customers in 2016, you heard a number of actionable tips you can use to improve many different aspects of your online marketing. Here are 5 of the tips we covered along with some stats that illustrate why they’re important for your digital marketing. 1. Answer Your Phone Let’s start with an easy one: Make sure you’re answering your phone, and if you can’t for some reason,

The Little-Known Local Marketing Tactic Your Competitors Aren’t Using (Yet)

In a ReachLocal survey, with 500 local business respondents, only 15% said they were planning on investing in a new local marketing tactic in 2016. So, if you want to get ahead of the competition – and get in front of more local customers quickly – it’s something you should consider for your marketing. So, What is This Marketing Tactic? It’s called in-app mobile advertising, and it’s an easy way to reach the nearly 65% of Americans who own a