PPC: 7 Reasons to Bid on Your Business Name

Why Bid on Your Business Name

When it comes to pay-per-click, or PPC, campaigns, many business owners don’t feel like they need to bid on their business name. But  PPC campaigns are a cornerstone of online marketing, and bidding on business name keywords plays an important part.

Consider this: big brands, like Amazon, Molly Maid, and Domino’s Pizza, bid on their business name even though their brands are already well established and have top organic placement. So why take a page out of the big brands’ book? Because bidding on your business name will help you:

  1. Dominate the Page. Sponsored listings are displayed above organic listings and local listings. And because recent changes at Google make sponsored listings look more like organic listings, sponsored listings can even spur higher click-through rates.
  2. Control Your Message. You create the PPC campaign – which means you get to choose what you say (and what potential customers see) about your business. Take advantage of this feature by highlighting new products, seasonal offers, or special deals to entice consumers to click.
  3. Improve Your Online Reputation. Not all sites that show up in organic search results will be ones you own, which limits your control over what is said and seen about your business.For most businesses, reviews are one of the most common types of content that show up in organic search results – especially negative reviews. By bidding on your own business name, you can offset some of the negative content you can’t control with positive content about your business in order to improve your reputation.
  4. Edge Out the Competition. Bidding on your own business keywords helps reduce the chance of competitors showing above your listing and “stealing” potential customers. Why? Because competitors may already be bidding on your name! Don’t make it easy for them to reroute consumers away from you. Make sure that you have a widespread presence when people search for your business.
  5. Own Your Name – Affordably. Clicks from a business name are usually much cheaper than clicks from other keywords, and because it’s PPC you’ll still only pay when people click on your ad. Bidding on your business keywords is an inexpensive way to re-engage existing customers. You never know – your business name might even be your most profitable keyword!
  6. Build Brand Awareness. Making sure your business has a strong representation on the search engine results page communicates to consumers that your brand is well established. The bottom line?  An increased brand presence lends credibility to your business.
  7. Make Your Business Easy to Find. Consumers have a lot of information to take in when they see a search engines results page. By bidding on your business name keywords, you make it easier for new and existing customers to locate your business online.

Are you running PPC campaigns for your business? If so, are you bidding on your business name keywords? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in a comment!

Angela Epley writes about online advertising & web presence for the ReachLocal blog, which focuses on small business online marketing strategies.


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