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Many businesses are under the impression that they can only post to their Facebook page about things specific to their business, but that’s not the case! Facebook is all about being social and engaging with your audience and provides the valuable option of creating and growing relationships with customers. By actively posting, sharing, responding, and engaging on Facebook, your business can establish itself as an industry expert while providing a good online experience for customers and potential customers. Actively posting to Facebook may sound intimidating, but with these Facebook post ideas you’ll find it’s quick and easy!

Industry News

In order to establish your business as an industry expert, you’ll need to stay current on industry news. This is also a great way to educate your customers about changes in your business and changes in the landscape of your industry. A great way to stay up to date and always have great articles to share is to create a Google Alert. Google will send you an email update on the topic you created the alert around each day. For example, a pediatrician could create an alert about toy recalls, and whenever toy recalls are mentioned, they’ll receive an email alert with a link to the article. They can then post the article to Facebook to keep their patients informed and safe.

Holidays and Observances

While a genuine Merry Christmas is a great post idea, it only comes around once a year. There are TONS of great observances that create an opportunity to engage with your Facebook audience. For example, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Even if your business has nothing to do with animals, your customers still love their pets and the opportunity to talk about them! Creating a quick post that wishes your audience a Happy Love Your Pet Day and encourages them to share a picture of their fur family in the comments will get them engaged and create more reach on the post, and in turn, your business! Here is a list of resources for observances:

Tips and Trivia

Tips and trivia posts are quick, easy, and highly shareable. They can be tips related to your business, such as interior design hacks for a painting company, or they could be centered around an upcoming holiday. Don’t get too focused on always relating back to your business. It’s okay to keep things fun and light on social media, so consider sharing images along with your tips and trivia. Your Facebook audience is drawn towards more visually-appealing posts, and graphics have a higher rate of sharesCanva.com is a great resource for creating quick and easy graphics.

Here are two tips and trivia post examples created on Canva:

trivia post ideas

A Look Behind the Scenes

Customers love to see the “human” side of your business. Share pictures to Facebook from around the office, your holiday party, or the latest Employee of the Month (with permission of course!). When customers get to see behind the curtain, they can develop a personal connection with your business, which can contribute to customer loyalty. Facebook is a social site, so utilize it as a way to socialize with your customers!

What are the types of Facebook posts you like to make and have seen success with on your business’ page? Share in the comments!

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