ReachLocal Announces Local Commerce Software & Yelp Booking Platform Integration

ReachLocal Announces Local Commerce Software & Yelp Booking Platform Integration

At ReachLocal, we’re constantly looking for new ways to transform local business and forge the way for new online solutions for the local space. That’s why we are excited to announce two new offerings for local businesses in the home services industry. First is ReachCommerce, a new local commerce platform for home services clients. The second is a strategic partnership with Yelp to offer consumers the ability to book appointments with ReachCommerce businesses in real time, directly through their profiles on Yelp.

First, we are announcing the launch of ReachCommerce, our new local commerce system for home services merchants,  that enables them our clients to digitize their back-office operations, automate interactions with customers, and track their marketing effectiveness.

ReachCommerce fully automates and optimizes every step of the local commerce lifecycle, from online customer booking to fleet management to mobile payment processing. The ReachCommerce software is pre-loaded on technicians’ iPads to help manage their schedules, customer information, and mobile estimates and invoicing while on the road.

ReachCommerce also features an online booking widget that integrates with merchants’ existing calendaring system, allowing customers to see real-time technician availability, immediately book appointments, and receive automatic appointment reminders.

This booking widget technology will also be harnessed to enable ReachCommerce clients to offer booking functionality on the Yelp website through our partnership.

Beginning in the fourth quarter of this year, users of ReachCommerce will have the ability to automatically integrate this booking functionality into their Yelp profiles. Yelp visitors will be able to book appointments in real-time, directly through the site.

“We view this partnership with Yelp as tremendous acceleration of our local commerce strategy we announced earlier this year,” said Zorik Gordon, ReachLocal’s co-founder and CEO.  “The home services market will invariably undergo the kind of offline to online transformation the restaurant and travel industries have already experienced. Leveraging the power of Yelp Platform is one of the many ways ReachCommerce can help local service providers ensure they prosper in an era of digital transformation.”

ReachCommerce compliments ReachEdge, a new marketing automation system within the ReachLocal Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite of products. Together, these offerings help local merchants book more business, optimize their marketing ROI, and grow their profits.

Learn More about ReachCommerce

Pricing for ReachCommerce starts at $199 per month, with an additional a $2 per booking or $89 per technician fee. To license ReachCommerce, speak with one of our software specialists, or learn more about the platform, visit or call 888-369-5810.


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