ReachLocal Chairman Speaks at Churchill Club About Local Services Economy [Video]

ReachLocal Chairman Speaks at Churchill Club About Local Services Economy

This week, our Board Chair and Interim CEO David Carlick spoke about the digitization of local services at the Churchill Club’s event “The Local Services Economy.” He joined local service entrepreneurs Logan Green, CEO & co-founder of Lyft, Justin Kan, founder of Exec, and Sarah Leary, co-founder of Nextdoor, in an open forum discussion moderated by Doug MacMillan, technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

The event focused on the many emerging opportunities that exist to help businesses move various business operations, not just marketing, online. During the panel discussion, Carlick discussed how local services businesses can not only market themselves online, but also help consumers to engage, contact, and transact with them online, too. Similar to the way retail businesses have moved online, home service businesses like plumbers, moving and storage, and remodelers are starting to experience this shift.

“What has been missing in our area for larger contractors and larger businesses is they need to figure out ways to digitally get in touch with people; increasingly, they need ways to figure out ways to digitally attract and retain those people,” Carlick said.

To see the event in its entirety, watch the video below.

At ReachLocal, we are already seeing many home services businesses transition to solutions like ReachCommerce and ClubLocal that help them digitize their business, from getting found by local consumers via Web and mobile, to scheduling and booking appointments, to taking mobile payments. And recently, we have partnered with sites like Yelp and MerchantCircle to more easily connect local service businesses with target consumers who are already searching for their businesses, reading reviews, and getting recommendations online, creating a more streamlined experience for both merchants and consumers.

Learn more about ReachCommerce and ClubLocal, and let us know what you think about this online shift for local services businesses in the comments.



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