ReachLocal Culture Spotlight: Second Annual Halloweek at ScreechLocal

This year our Plano team hosted its second annual “Halloweek” celebration! Check out all the fun we had below!

Desk Decorating Happy Hour & Pizza

On Monday, each team had the opportunity to come together to decorate their work areas. Employees had fun eating pizza and mixing and mingling with colleagues while strategizing desk-decorating ideas. Teams worked on decorations throughout the week (after work hours, of course!) and were judged on Friday by our pals from Your Cause. See more below:

Pumpkin Potluck Contest

Can’t have Halloweek without pumpkins! This year we had a pumpkin potluck, and employees brought in their favorite pumpkin dishes to share.

Check out the winning dishes employees chose below:

Costume Party & Trick-or-Treating

Desk decorations and costumes were top-notch this year with themed areas like: Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Circus, Mario Brothers, and Stranger Things. Employees brought their families in to Trick-or-Treat throughout the different departments. And, of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without a costume and desk-decorating contest! Check out these sweet decorations, costumes, and Trick-or-Treaters below:

The winners of the costume contest and desk-decorating contest are:

Halloween Costume

  • Best Group Costume: Ghostbuster Ladies
  • Most Original: Mad Hatter
  • Scariest: Blowup Ghost
  • Funniest: Bearded Lady

Desk Decorating

  • Most Original Theme: Star Wars
  • Scariest Theme: Walking Dead
  • Popular ReachLocal Vote Winner: Ghostbusters

Halloween Around the Globe

Our team in Australia also had a blast celebrating Halloween!

Take a look at their celebrations:


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