ReachLocal Needs Your Vote for SXSW Interactive 2014

ReachLocal Needs Your Vote for SXSW Interactive 2014

From March 7-16, 2014 names in music, film, and interactive will descend upon Austin, Texas, for the annual South by Southwest conference, or more commonly referred to as SXSW. During these 10 days, hundreds of concerts, screenings, panel discussions, and workshops will showcase great ideas turned into action, and ReachLocal needs your help to be part of it.

This year, we have three discussions submitted in the official SXSW PanelPicker, and we need your vote to help us get a spot on the lineup! Check out the topics below and click on the “Vote Now” link to register and vote a “thumbs up” for these ReachLocal panels.

Content Marketing Across the Buying Cycle

Today, more and more companies are investing in content marketing as an effective way to share their messages, educate clients and prospects, and fuel their online marketing programs. In fact, studies show that today, 33% of marketing budgets are allocated to content marketing.

But, how do you achieve the “holy grail” of online marketing by aligning your content to the sales cycle to more efficiently fuel your sales process with content that entertains, informs, educates – and sells?
We will share practical insights and strategies to align your content marketing with your sales funnel, develop lead nurturing for each stage of the buying cycle, and fuel it all with creative, effective content.

Vote Now for “Content Marketing Across the Buying Cycle”

The $4 Trillion Opportunity in Local

Thanks to services like Uber and OpenTable, and the power of mobile, it’s easy for consumers to book and buy local, want-based services. What about local, needs-based services? With services like plumbing or heater repair, consumers deal with unreturned calls and large service windows because businesses are running like they did 50 years ago- offline and disconnected.

Home services is a $400 billion dollar industry that will invariably undergo the offline to online transformation. With mobile devices, merchants have the ability to deliver speed and accessibility consumers expect. The challenge is convincing small businesses to take risks to digitize operations. If they do, the reward will be great – for them and consumers, who may endure a less painful process of booking and buying.

Zorik Gordon, CEO of ReachLocal and ClubLocal will discuss where the online local services market has been, where it’s going, how mobile drives innovation and how consumers can expect to be impacted.

Vote Now for “The $4 Trillion Opportunity in Local”

Speaking of Mobile, Go JS, Go Native, or Both…

ReachLocal set out to build an app for both Android and iOS with as much shared code as possible. We looked at current hybrid practices and decided they wouldn’t work for us. We know, you’re thinking, “that’s cute and all, but how does it help me?”

Glad you asked. We’d like to tell you about Liger and Tigon, our two new open source projects. Come watch us build a JavaScript+HTML app that will pass as native to all but the most discerning native developers. Oh, no, this isn’t transpiled either. This will be JavaScript running in webkit on the target platforms. It gets a little better too, because this framework allows you to mix native screens as well. Yeah, and we’ll show you how you can use it too. Why are you still reading? Make plans to attend the session. (We’re in the process of working with our legal department to open-source the framework. If something changes, we’d do a case study on our experiences.)

Vote Now for “Speaking of Mobile, Go JS, Go Native, or Both…”

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