ReachLocal Partners with MerchantCircle to Help Consumers Book Home Services Online

ReachLocal Partners with MerchantCircle to Help Consumers Book Home Services Online

In our continuing efforts to bring online commerce to local consumers and businesses, ReachLocal has teamed up with MerchantCircle as its preferred partner for online booking in the home services industry. This exciting news follows last month’s announcement of ReachCommerce, our local commerce system, as well as a strategic partnership with Yelp to allow consumers to book home services appointments online directly through the site. In the coming months, we will be further expanding the ReachCommerce online booking ability with business and consumers on

With this MerchantCircle partnership, ReachCommerce businesses will be able to integrate their online booking functionality directly into their MerchantCircle profiles starting in the fourth quarter of this year. And, that means more consumers will be able to quickly and easily book home service appointments online with ReachCommerce businesses.

The booking widget is an instrumental part of the ReachCommerce system, seamlessly connecting both new and returning customers with local home services businesses online. But that’s not all; ReachCommerce completely brings the local commerce lifecycle online, helping merchants digitize payment and invoicing processes, manage their fleet in real-time, automate interactions with their customers and technicians, and track the effectiveness of both their business and their marketing.

Online booking via both Yelp and MerchantCircle will be available to consumers starting in the fourth quarter of 2013. To learn more about ReachCommerce, license ReachCommerce, or speak with one of our specialists, visit


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