ReachLocal Review: Museum Fills Events Calendar Using Search Advertising

At ReachLocal we love to share stories about the success our clients achieve using our digital marketing services. One client, the Museum of Life and Science in North Carolina, leveraged our search engine advertising product for a unique endeavor; they wanted to increase rentals of their space for special events.

About the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

The Museum of Life and Science in North Carolina is one of the state’s top family destinations to learn about science. In addition to its hands-on exhibits and two-story science center, the museum includes distinctive spaces people can rent as a venue for weddings, family gatherings, business events, and more.

The Challenge They Faced

Venue rentals are part of what helps drive revenue for the Museum of Life and Science, so when Guest Services Manager Madelyne Rush realized they weren’t on track to fill their rental quota by the end of 2014, she turned to ReachLocal to help her reach people who may be interested in booking the unique spaces the museum offers.

The Museum of Life and Science began using ReachSearch™, our search engine marketing solution, to help fill its calendar with events. The ReachLocal experts enacted a multi-step process to help the museum increase lead generation and rentals.

  • The ReachLocal team set short-term goals to help ensure they were on-target throughout the campaign.
  • The ReachLocal team identified the right keywords and set up the campaign to target the right prospects in specific areas.
  • The marketing experts regularly monitored conversions and worked directly with Rush to optimize the campaign for maximized results.

The Results

Through their ReachSearch campaign, the Museum of Life and Science filled every available rental spot for the entire year and increased lead generation by 24%. Additionally, the museum expanded the types of events typically held at its venues to include non-traditional celebrations and family reunions. The ReachLocal team helped the Museum of Life and Science attract more leads and increase revenue.

In addition, Rush took advantage of the call recording functionality in ReachSearch to listen to incoming phone calls to train her customer service representatives and gather more information about what potential renters were looking for in a venue.

To learn more, watch Rush review her experience with ReachLocal in the video below, and view the full case study here.

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