ReachLocal Services Spotlight: Meet Some of our SEO Team

Our SEO team provides expert services to ReachLocal clients in order to help them improve their visibility on top search engines. Armed with best practices and a passion for learning about their clients’ unique business needs and goals, the SEO team is always willing to go the extra mile to get results for our clients.

Meet a few members of our SEO team below:


“ReachLocal is a great place to work at due to their commitment to their employees: they want you to work on what is important to you and cultivate your interests.”

David is a native Dutchman who earned his degree from the University of Virginia. After graduating, he made his way to Texas to start his journey in digital marketing.

Having started in the industry as a project manager, it did not take long for SEO to become his passion. SEO is like a puzzle: with the right analytical mindset, you can customize your approach for each client to ensure all the right pieces come together.

In his free time, he is always on the lookout for the next bite of great food. His dog, Freya, is typically by his side, also awaiting the next bite of great food.


“I love how ReachLocal helps local businesses grow. Every time I hear my clients tell me how busy they are because we are doing a good job for them, I can’t express how happy I am. I truly believe that healthy small and mid-sized local businesses bring us a flourishing economy.”

Rachel earned her Master of Arts in Film and Television from Southern Methodist University in 2009. After a couple of years in video production and the film marketing industry, Rachel started, a Chinese animal rescue database site with two partners, while she lived in Beijing, China. She learned how to manage her own website, which helps her when working with other small business owners.

Rachel loves working with local businesses. In her spare time, she is still heavily involved in working with the largest animal adoption organization in Beijing and helping them manage their online presence and social media channels. She also enjoys listening to classical music, especially opera. Listening to Verdi with a glass of wine is always the most relaxing moment for her.


“I love working at ReachLocal because the company encourages you to be yourself and that’s quite refreshing.  We all share the same mission, to help local businesses in all corners of the world reach more customers through our holistic approach.”

Oswaldo (Ozzie) joined ReachLocal in early 2017 and has nearly 16 years of digital marketing experience specializing in search engine optimizations. Getting his start in Silicon Valley, CA, Ozzie has progressed his career by analyzing the changing algorithms for major search engines like Google and creating services to help boost organic visibility for small to medium-sized businesses.

As a confident SEO professional, he is always working on improving his skill set to better serve clients. With strong data analytics and problem-solving skills, he has a passion for optimizing websites and helping clients, small or large, achieve their goals.


“Joining ReachLocal’s SEO team has inspired me to think more open-mindedly and strategically with my clients and colleagues – especially when it comes to growth, prosperity, and world domination.”

Angel joined the ReachLocal family in September of 2014 with an extensive background in retail sales management and customer service support. Jumping head first into the digital marketing world has been a positive transition in her life which she is extremely grateful for. Some of the things which help her thrive in this ever-changing industry would include her attention to detail, commitment to customer and client satisfaction, and her ability to produce realistic, positive results.

When Angel grows up, she wants to be a stay at home pet-mom like, a real-life Snow White (but without the poisonous apple fiasco).

Learn more about ReachLocal’s SEO solution, ReachSEO, on our website, and download the below webinar to learn five tips for local SEO!

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