ReachLocal’s Commitment to Local Business Owners

We’re already well into 2016, and we hope it’s been a great start for local businesses everywhere. Last year, we saw some changes and transformations at ReachLocal that we’d like to share.

We made some great progress in enhancing our products and elevating our client service model. In addition to winning Google’s Quality Score Champion award for having the highest quality score of all Google’s Premier SMB Partners, we have made a number of enhancements to our technology that will help us continue providing even more value for our clients’ marketing investments.

1. Bing Enhancements

In 2015, we released Bing call and location extensions so our Bing ads will show with a business address and tracking phone number to drive improvements to key campaign performance metrics including Cost Per Click, Click-Through Rate, and Cost Per Lead.

2. Yahoo Gemini

In the US, we introduced Yahoo Gemini, a new publisher that creates a more effective way to target mobile and desktop traffic at Yahoo that is no longer available through Bing.

3. Data-Driven Bid Modifiers

Also in the US, we enabled data-driven bid modifiers, which adjust bids based on a visitor’s likelihood to convert. These bid modifiers take into account time, device, and location and improved Cost Per Qualified Call by 7.5% compared to a control group.

4. Final URLs

With Google, we began our transition to Final URLs in 2015. Final URLs changed how ReachLocal drives traffic to our clients’ sites and play a large role in improving the efficiency of campaign management activities.

These enhancements will help us to continue providing market-leading results and ensuring that our clients’ search advertising budgets are driving more than just clicks but real results throughout 2016.

Learn more about ReachLocal and our innovative digital marketing solutions on our website.


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