ReachLocal’s Facebook Advertising Solutions Now Available

With over 156 million Facebook users, and 75% of businesses already using Facebook to market their business online, advertising on Facebook is something local businesses can no longer afford to miss out on.

We recently introduced ReachSocial Ads™ – a robust Facebook advertising solution that helps local businesses capitalize on the vast opportunities Facebook provides through paid advertising. In fact, our Facebook advertising solutions are already helping ReachLocal clients reach new audiences on Facebook, re-engage existing fans and followers, and drive measurable actions like website visits, calls, and in-store traffic from interested buyers.

ReachSocial Ads delivers a variety of benefits to local businesses, including:

  • A complete Facebook advertising plan that meets your budget and key marketing goals
  • Robust audience targeting options, such as geographic and demographic targeting, as well as more advanced capabilities
  • Custom advertising creative including images, content, and calls to action designed to meet your specific advertising goals
  • Facebook Blueprint-certified marketing experts trained to design, monitor, and optimize campaigns in order to reach the prospects most likely to take action

ReachSocial Ads is an integral part of our extensive suite of digital marketing solutions, which all work together to drive awareness, engagement, and leads for local businesses. To learn more about our Facebook advertising solutions, contact us today or visit our website.

Read the full ReachSocial Ads press release here.

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