Resolutions for Your Business Web Presence

Web Presence Resolutions for 2012

As we kick off 2012, now’s a great time to think about your plans, goals, and objectives for your business web presence this year. So, our ReachCast Web Presence Professionals share their top resolutions for local business web presence.

1) Focus on Customer Service to Improve Online Reputation.
Monitoring and improving your online reputation is important for any local business, and building a positive reputation full of glowing reviews of your business all starts with focusing on customer service.

“Improve your online reputation by stopping bad reviews before they happen! Let your employees know customer service is a top priority, and inform them that reviews are monitored and negative reviews will be addressed. Encourage good customer service by rewarding employees who are mentioned in positive reviews and by teaching every employee how to ask happy customers to post reviews. Employees need to know that your online reputation is important for your business and that sometimes, all it takes to get a great review is to ask!”

– ReachCast Web Presence Professional Emily Bright, @RCEmilyBright

2) Post More Photos of Your Business Online.
Photos are a powerfulway to engage local consumers with your business, and these days it’s fairly easy to upload them regularly.

“Sharing photos all over your social media outlets is a great resolution for boosting local business web presence in 2012. Photos are great, because they give your online audience an inside look at the wonderful things going on daily at your business. Plus, photos posted to Facebook and Twitter usually receive the most activity and engagements of any content type. And, photo sharing is a hot trend right now, with many businesses creating accounts on niche photo sharing and curating sites like Instagram and Pinterest – some of the fastest-growing social media sites this year.”

– ReachCast Web Presence Professional Sam Unell, @samunell

3) Share the Personal Side of Your Brand.
Turn up the volume on your business web presence this year by sharing more about what goes on day in and day out at your business.

“Customers want a chance to really get to know you and your business! So, post on Facebook or Twitter about the things that make you and your business unique, like your support of a certain sports team or your involvement in the community. Invoking an emotion or feeling of camaraderie when a potential customer sees your name on their computer screen can help kick-start a long and profitable relationship.”

– ReachCast Web Presence Professional Lindsay Prince, @lindsp123

4) Get Involved in Real-Time Conversations and Trends.
Another great resolution for local businesses is to get more involved in conversations by sharing and posting about questions, topics, pop culture, and trends that people are talking about online right now.

“Timely information is more relevant to both people and the search engines. There are several places where you can find what people are talking about now: the Yahoo “Trending Now” section, Twitter trends (which you can now filter down to major cities or go as broad as nationwide), and the questions and comments found within your customer interactions (both online and offline). So, this year, make it a goal to share timely information and join in on the social conversation!”

– ReachCast Web Presence Professional Brian Collins, @BrianTheCollins

5) Promote Your Social Presence on Your Website.
Setting up a Twitter or Facebook account is a great way to get involved in social media, but it’s also important to make sure your business web presence is connected to get the most out of your efforts.

“A lot of businesses spend time creating social profiles but neglect to connect the dots between their website and their social media presence. When someone comes to a business website, one of the first things they should look for is how to contact, connect, and engage with you business – including social media profiles. That’s why you want your social icons present above the fold and at the top of your businesses’ website – where you also need to include a phone number and email contact. This is important, because you interact, engage, and get more personal with your consumer on social sites, which humanizes your business and helps set you apart from the competition.”

– ReachCast Web Presence Professional Nick Marino Jr., @revolving_mind

6) Bring Your Physical and Digital Presence Together.
This yearis also a great time to focus on bringing your physical presence together with your digital presence. Make sure that you have signs posted in your business that list your business social media accounts, and ask your current customers to become a fan or follower on Facebook and Twitter.

“You can make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with you by setting up a designated space or computer in your lobby just for that purpose. For example, one business I work with created a ‘Like us on Facebook’ booth in the corner of their waiting room, which displayed call-to-action posters with QR codes that customers could scan to easily connect with the business online, as well as a poster about a social media contest for the business. Making it as easy as possible for customers in your business to see that the company has a social media presence and incentivizing them to connect with you is a great tactic any local business should try this year.”

– ReachCast Web Presence Professional Justin Snasel, @jsnasel

What are your goals, objectives, or resolutions for your business web presence this year? Please share your ideas in a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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